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Readers' voice: Jan. 14, 2013

Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call 304-357-4451 or email'm glad our elected officials are always so busy giving the EPA a hard time. Otherwise they might have had too much free time and might have inspected Freedumb Industries and might have made them fix the tank and that would cut into their profits, God forbid. One thing we sure must avoid is useless, expensive inspections. We can trust industry to look out for us. Now where can I get a little clean water?How does WesBanco justify being closed 'due to the water crisis' when other banks are open as well as retailers? We have a right to get to our money and conduct transactions. I thought it was illegal for banks to close their doors arbitrarily.No company is responsible for the chemical spill. Some individual(s) are. Find these persons and hold them accountable, not the entire company. Someone didn't perform their job duties correctly.It seems like all the right-wingers have conveniently forgotten the absolute disaster of the eight years (or was it an eternity?) of the George W. Bush presidency. Bush failed to protect us, got us involved in two unwinnable wars, and aided in the Wall Street robbery of our economy, while he smirked like the damn fool he was.Did the global warming skeptics hear about the heat wave in the Southern Hemisphere? Global means the whole earth, not just the small part of it that is southern West Virginia or the eastern U.S.Is almighty coal causing another Bhopal in West Virginia?To all you anti-government people out there, just look at this water situation. Business hurt thousands, including other businesses, now government is trying to pull us out of this situation, and of course the cost is born by government, which is really all of us. Once again we all are paying for a business problem.West Virginia American Water has given the impression that they are paralyzed and incompetent. I don't attend church on a regular basis. I am not allowing the devil to rule my life. I lead a better Christian life than a lot of the hypocrites who go to church.With the recent episode with the chemical leak into the major water supply, I am reminded of the comic strip "Pogo" of years gone by. We need not waste time on concerns about terrorists' activities and attacks. Pogo stated: "We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us."We love how state government workers are treated in an emergency; twenty cases of water were delivered to the sixth floor of 112 California Ave. However, it seems that none of the water ever reached employees on the lower floors. No hand sanitizer provided either when you can't wash your hands in the bathroom.The situation with the Department of Agriculture and Democratic career politician Gus Douglass pretty much sums up what has been wrong with this state for over 80 years.
The endlessly polluting chemical and coal industries have now poisoned the water in Charleston. Why don't our governments protect us? Does anyone think there is too much oversight of industry by that communistic, overreaching, Obama tool EPA? This chemical spill shows that the problem is with greedy chemical and coal industries willing to put our welfare at risk.Kent Carper's law office is first in line to sue over water contamination. Is he suing himself for lax oversight?
Of course, everyone knows that President Obama was behind this chemical spill; am not sure how it was his fault, but you know it is.Coal keeps the lights on ... and the faucets off.Some environmental-type person needs to tell us masses what to do with "swirly" light bulbs when they burn out. Everyone I know is just throwing them in the trash, mercury and all.All of the agencies, including the Kanawha County Commission and Emergency Services need to address the information in the article "Why wasn't there a plan?" by Ken Ward Jr. that was in the Sunday Gazette-Mail. Sounds like this "incident" could have been prevented or at least been dealt with sooner.We don't need no Obama-controlled EPA in West Virginia. Until, of course, something happens, like a chemical spill. Then everyone asks why weren't there rules. Why wasn't someone checking on this?West Virginia American Water Company should be taken over by the state of West Virginia for failure to operate and maintain a public water system in a responsible manner as required by law.
I have to wonder if it's even possible for people to attend a sporting event without becoming intoxicated, berating the officials on every play, and talking trash to the opposing fans. One less attendee here because of it.All the Herd needed was a coach from WVU.Can't you leave politics out of your column just once? No political conservative, or anyone in their right mind, would traditionally oppose industrial safety or health inspections, on grounds that they interfere with private business. The current crisis does not make it "clear" that this was the situation. Shame on your editorial writers!The counties affected by the water are more than one big Tudor's biscuit. McDonald's closing throughout the area does affect their employees, however many higher-end restaurants and small, privately-owned businesses are the ones suffering financially.Are our politicians in the pockets of polluters?Like Upper Big Branch, Freedom Industries and West Virginia American Water are perfect examples of capitalism at work. The only thing that matters is the bottom line.With all the rivers of fresh water in West Virginia, exactly why are we in such a mess? Is downstream from chemical industry the only place that West Virginia American Water can put their uptake? It sure seems stupid. No one saw this danger beforehand?
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