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Readers voice: Jan. 15, 2014

Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call 304-357-4451 or email legislators, we will be watching how you vote on clean water issues in this session and in future sessions. Think of the future.What was the point in having Nick Rahall attend the governor's Jan. 13 press conference? Rahall contributed nothing and answered no questions.They need to freeze the polluters' assets before they have a chance to hide them.To build public confidence and trust in the safety of the water supply, Gov. Tomblin needs to hold a news conference where his team, all local legislators, elected officials and he go to a sink and pour glasses of water and drink it on camera.The headline I'm looking at says, "The price of oil could come under 'serious downward pressure' as the nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers kicks in next week."  Now you know why some people oppose peace.Are there any friends of coal out there who are still railing against government over-regulation of the coal industry? If so, may I offer you a nice, cold glass of tap water.Education policymakers currently tying themselves in knots to figure out how to get schools to 180 days should relax. There's no science to 180 days. We got there by multiplying the 20 days teachers taught per month back in the '70s by the nine months they worked at the time.The water mess shows us one truth, that we have the best government money can buy. The coal, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries are the buyers.Kent Carper said he thought anybody who lives here knows that "these plants" are right above the water intake. So? The key question that needs to be asked is why the State of West Virginia allows such facilities to be upstream from the intake of the water supply for hundreds of thousand of people in the first place. After West Virginia American Water settles all the litigations and claims regarding the chemical spill, I wonder how long before they ask the Public Service Commission for a rate increase to re-coup all their losses?It's twice now that the governor has tried to disassociate this chemical spill from coal.  Well, the reason this chemical was stored here was because it is used by the coal industry.  This brings up the question of what does the coal industry do with it once it has been used?By law, the DEP doesn't inspect chemical tanks unless the company "produces" the chemical. Another example of politicians writing laws on matters they know nothing about.It is truly unfortunate that local politicians, industry leaders, and the Chamber of Commerce continually attack the EPA and DEP, saying that government regulation of business destroys jobs and frightens business away from West Virginia. Really? So, who do you think would want to move to Charleston today?How is it possible that people who monitor chemical facilities for a living didn't realize the potential for spills at storage facilities? Isn't it more likely that our elected officials, in their usual rush to accommodate industry, decided to give them a pass?
Gov. Christie is a small, petty man.In today's world, would Jesus have a concealed weapon like 90 percent of his conservatives do?I sure do miss Alyce Faye Bragg's column too.I just read where the teachers got their raise. I think its time that they start earning their money. I know some of them are very good but 70 percent are worthless.I was watching C-SPAN in the Senate on extending unemployment benefits. I've never heard so much garbage in all my life from both sides. You talk about getting rid of one, get rid of all of them.Way to go water company, just something else you can count on in West Virginia.
Shame on American Water for not notifying its customers. We got a call from a neighbor. We've got a 92-year-old.The water company always wants their water bill paid on time but I can't believe they let us go for seven or eight hours with poison in our water. That's totally unacceptable.The $100 fine that the state imposes for running your vehicle without you in it while warming it up, is against the working people. They're the ones that get hacked. It won't be $100 it will be $250 with court costs.I want to know how family members knew in Fayette County, W.Va., and Columbia, N.C., knew about the chemical leak before we did in Kanawha County.To the person complaining about the government telling you what kind of light bulbs to use in your home, just remember George Bush is to blame for that, not Obama. This is one thing President Obama cannot be blamed for.Maybe our shiftless attorney general will hold the coal companies accountable for endangering 300,000 people in West Virginia.Sadly it will now be easier for many of us to realize the impact of the loss of household water on families affected by such a loss due to coal mining or gas drilling.  
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