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Readers' Voice: Jan. 16, 2013

Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call 304-357-4451 or email sure would be nice if the streets were actually visible on the WV American bad water map. It is an unreadable map.Where is Delegate Tim Armstead, the minority leader, during this water crisis? Oh, I know, too busy tending to moral issues and looking at ways to protect polluting businesses, probably trying to get some more tax breaks for irresponsible business owners. That's what puts money in his campaign and his pocket. He has not done anything for the people in the 40th District.Before all of the liberals start pointing fingers at Republicans concerning the chemical spill, let me remind them that Democrats have controlled this state and nearly every office and every department for over 80 years and President Obama's burgeoning EPA has had 6 years to inspect every plant, tank, river, and everything else and they have failed all of us at every level.Why oh why have the citizens been superimposed with a burden of going without water because of a derelict and corrupt band of government officials. It is so apparent more than a few are involved.The Weather Channel has become a joke these last few years. Nothing but stupid, fake reality shows and movies like every other channel on TV. Good riddance. Weather Nation, which took its place, is much better. At least it's about the weather.In case you're worried by the fact that the U.S. only has 32 military bases on Okinawa Island, an island smaller than Long Island, you can breathe easier -- we're building a 33rd. After what could have been a deadly situation with the chemical spill into the Elk River and what appears to be indifference by those responsible for the spill, one begins to wonder how many of our other rivers, creeks etc. have been dumping grounds and for how long.So the French president was caught cheating on his mistress. No one could have seen that coming.West Virginians, wake up! You're seeing first-hand what happens when the politicians in our state are bought and paid for by the coal and chemical companies.Do you really trust what you are being told about the water? Will anyone be held accountable? Probably not. As long as the almighty coal industry runs this state, everything will be swept under the rug. Any state agency having to do with regulation of coal or anything associated with it has always been told to ignore safety rules.
Sad to say, many of our citizens ignore the statistics of poisoning to our air and water as long as it doesn't close down their places of employment -- coal mines or chemical plants.I wonder how much pressure that Danny Jones and Gov. Tomblin put on WVAMW to concentrate on Charleston and forget about everyone else with getting water restored?Since the water crisis, the silence of the coal-company hacks, the Friends of Coal, and the EPA and Obama haters has been deafening. Once again, big government helps us in spite of ourselves.A reader asked what to do with "swirly" light bulbs, aka CFL bulbs, when they burn out. Swirly bulbs contain toxic mercury and should be recycled. Home Depot and Lowe's accept intact swirly bulbs for recycling. They have drop-off bins inside the store entrances for bulbs and reusable battery recycling. Batteries Plus in Cross Lanes accepts swirly bulbs, LED bulbs and the old incandescent bulbs for recycling.
Isn't it amazing the number of conservatives who want war as long as they are not the ones doing the actual fighting? That's why they're called "chickenhawks."All I read on here is Democrats are blah blah blah and Republicans are blah blah blah. Geez people stop complaining about everything and stop being sheep to a political party.The right-wing extremists and their well-funded PACs never know when to stop beating a dead horse. Their inability to speak without a negative reference to "Obamacare" makes them appear almost possessed. It's time they come up with a new issue to whip the base into a hysterical frenzy. This one is the law so get over it and move on.Love those Marshall fans. When Marshall has a bad season the fans blame injuries. When they beat a team gutted by injuries fans they think Marshall is best team in the country.Withholding evidence to cheat a poor widow out her black lung benefits is a new low for the legal profession. The Jackson Kelly law firm must be proud.Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama -- two voices of peace and hope for humanity's future.
The TV networks lectured viewers about not staying out in the record cold weather, yet they made their correspondents do just that.How long am I going to have to wait for the Obama-haters to detail how he is violating the Constitution? They keep talking about it, but I see no proof, just hot air.
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