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Readers voice: Jan. 17, 2014

Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call 304-357-4451 or email there is a clear-cut case of damages experienced by people in the form of increased costs, personal suffering and health risks, sadly there is no clear-cut compensation for victims other than a class-action lawsuit which essentially enriches only the legal industry. Simple, direct and fair procedures for such an event could be put in place, but for the fact that effective legislation would have to be passed by those primarily coming from the legal industry.I called the WV American Water Co hot line numerous times to find out if the ban has been lifted in my zone. I listened to the recorded message and then I was disconnected with a busy signal. I talked to others who experienced the same situation. Why would the hotline number scroll across the TV screen but not be functional?Is it just coincidence that Patriot Coal, Freedom Industries, and West Virginia American Water have company names suggesting much higher standards of responsibility and integrity than their actions have shown? A cynic would suspect the respective managements intended to conceal their faults rather than to act responsibly.Remember this, we are all living through what it is like to have your water service cut off because you cannot pay the bill, due to job loss, unemployment benefits ending and, yes, no work due to the poison water. The worst is yet to come for a lot of people. At least we could use a commode, and had free water trucked in, and some could afford to go elsewhere.According to an Associated Press article, "The annual rate of Israeli settler attacks against Palestinians has almost quadrupled in eight years." For some reason, we don't hear much about that in U.S. mainstream media, do we?Don't believe it when the good ol' boys tell you that the Crude MCHM was only in the water for a few hours before we were notified. I smelled the odor for over a week before the notification at my South Charleston home. I was going crazy trying to figure out where it was coming from. Boone County is closer to the West Virginia Water Company treatment plant than Fraziers Bottom, yet we have no allowable flush areas closer than Kanawha City. Marmet is not higher in elevation than Fraziers Bottom, yet no allowable flushing. Odd.Kent Carper is running ambulance chaser commercials on TV saying he has filed a class action lawsuit against Freedom, the water company and others. As the president of the county commission responsible for managing the county, enforcing laws, etc., is there no conflict of interest with Mr. Carper suing in a case that he should be representing the county residents in?I have a question for local TV news crews. When selecting some bystander to interview at an auto accident, fire, crime scene or environmental disaster, which is the higher of your priorities for selecting the person to interview: dirtiest, less teeth or most tattoos?
I contend that any person who really loves our state realizes that mountaintop removal must be stopped, for the good of our state and health issues.Concerning the Second Amendment, is it the position of the more militant Second Amendment supporters that every fool has the right to carry a gun?West Virginia leaders are all about cutting corporate and business taxes to improve the business climate. I submit that there's nothing worse for the business climate than bad water. Perhaps we would be wiser to use corporate tax dollars to monitor and correct their bad practices.I am a Charleston water customer and it used to be, when I bent over my sink and splashed water on my face, it had that sulphury kind of smell. Then, here lately, it has been a nice candy smell, kind of like licorice. Now, all of a sudden it smells like sulphur again. When I look at my information from the water company, I don't see anything about flavor options. Does anyone know how I can change back to licorice flavor?As a liberal, I am pointing fingers at the conservative Democrats that have controlled this state for 80 years. The problem is not with Democrats or Republicans but conservatives.
People are blaming the coal industry for this spill. If it had been gasoline or antifreeze leaking would you be wanting the auto industry shut down?I do not want to hear one word about the need for "tort reform" -- we do live in a hell hole but it was not created by lawsuits. The people need protection from industry monsters, thank goodness for those with the capability to fight those monsters.Republicans now think it a good strategy to attack Johnson's War on Poverty from 50 years ago, calling it a failure. They are wrong, it was a success. These young baby Republicans don't remember our cities burning and people rioting. The War on Poverty certainly calmed our cities and actually prevented a civil war. It is easy to criticize out of context.   
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