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Vent Line: Jan. 18, 2014

The stuff causing the water fiasco is used to clean coal -- and we know nothing about it?It's clear from all the water crisis press conferences that Gov. Tomlin is in way over his head. He can't answer a single question without stumbling around or looking to someone else for help. Manchin, even Underwood, could have handled this with more public confidence and professionalism. He's obviously not prepared, nor educated as to what questions could be asked. How did this guy ever become governor?The liberal news media will do everything they can to destroy Republican Chris Christie. Nothing can compare to what we've endured these six years under this present administration.Exactly how are the EPA and DEP useful? What a stupid massive failure of government. It is barely believable.Kent Carper's law office is among first to sue about water contamination. Will this lawsuit include himself among politicians pointing fingers at others?Of course, everyone knows President Obama was behind this chemical spill; I'm not sure how it was his fault, but you know it is.I am no environmental nut, but I have a concern I have not heard addressed yet on the water crisis. What about the water that has been used for sanitation? It goes into septic systems and sewer systems and eventually ends up either ion the ground or back in a river. Will this water be safe? Nobody has talked about this and the taxpayers should not be on the hook to pay for a study to determine it or unclean. It should all fall on the backs of those who failed to do their jobs. West Virginia American Water will probably ask for a rate increase to fix the system and cover their costs. Heck no. Freedom and West Virginia American Water are both culpable in this ordeal.Please bring "Beetle Bailey" back to the comic page.
I have never made big money. I have never earned a salary. I have always worked hard, earned my pay by a modest hourly wage. I have worked every day since I was 15 years old with a work permit in hand. Before that I mowed grass, raked leaves, shoveled snow and anything else I could to earn my way. Obviously not too many people have a good work ethic. Not one ounce of me thinks unemployment benefits should last forever or be open-ended. That is just wrong. A person should get six months then be eligible for a six-month extension as long as they apply for a certain number of jobs each week, and they have to accept a job if offered, regardless of the field it is in. They should also have been laid off and not quit their job to be eligible. It is time to stop the handouts.If the government isn't smart enough to inspect chemical storage tanks, do you really want them responsible for your health care?By law, the DEP doesn't inspect chemical tanks unless the company "produces" the chemical. Another example of politicians writing laws on matters they know nothing about.Coal keeps the lights on -- and the faucets off.I want to thank everyone that took time out of their lives to help give out water to the public over the weekend. They were polite and an example of the good in people. You were a godsend to the public. We don't appreciate people the way we should until something like this happens. I really appreciate all of you.It is so hard for me to understand that as soon as the water company knew they had a chemical spill upstream from the water intake they did not shut down the intake and call for a conserve-water ban until the chemical had passed. Were they afraid of losing a penny? That's criminal.It would be nice if the governor and county leaders would work with Freedom Industries to improve it and not work to shut them down. The state and county cannot afford to keep losing jobs. Do what is right, not what is politically correct.
For those of you wondering why Kent Carper was showing up on all the local news shows since the chemical contamination of our drinking water, wonder no more. His law firm is filing a class-action suit against West Virginia American Water concerning the contamination. How he figures they are at fault is beyond me, but he smells money in the water, and his beady little eyes are glowing.
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