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Readers' voice: Jan. 20, 2014

Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call 304-357-4451 or email me get this straight. They want to reroute access to Coonskin Park for safety concerns, but they still allow chemicals to be stored less than a mile from our primary water source?I would like to give a shout out of gratitude to Dr. Ron Deurring, superintendent of Kanawha County Schools, and his staff, for making sure all the employees had their payday in our crisis emergency state.You know, there's only one cab service in the city of Charleston. There's no competition. That's the problem.To the person who said St. Albans couldn't support a large food restaurant, Sonic is a fast-food place, not a restaurant.To the person who commented that medical marijuana needs to be approved now, news flash: It is in over 20 states, but not in this backwoods state.As long as Coach Dana Holgorsen is at West Virginia University, we will never have another winning football season.Kanawha County Assessor Sallie Robertson, why are you sending your agents on landowners' posted property? This is called trespassing. For the 100th time, global warming/climate change causes extreme temperatures at both ends.I predict that one day the entire planet will be on reverse welfare. Our resources are disappearing at an alarming rate.I hope the authorities know that some of these people are picking up free water and then taking it to the flea markets and selling it. They need to be prosecuted. That's the lowest of the low.I wonder how much the water company will want to raise their rates now.If unemployment is 6.7 percent like the government wants us to believe, why do the number of food stamps keep going up. This number is a fake number.
In response to the individual in Harrop's column saying Obama is the best economic president ever, Bill Clinton is the best president we ever had. We had jobs and there was no deficit.Why doesn't the West Side fire department permit walk-ups to obtain water? Everybody doesn't own a car?
The only thing that Dennis Rodman did not do was wear a dress when he curtsied to the leader of North Korea. I am asking that we deny him entry into the U.S. the next time he goes to North Korea.Before anyone can manufacture or store a chemical in the city and in Kanawha County, they should inform us on how to clean it up.It's a shame I couldn't go to the YMCA and work out because of the water issues. It's not a federal law that people shower after working out. You could have put a 'Do Not Use Water' sign on the faucets temporarily. It's not rocket science.A lot of these people drawing unemployment could get a job, maybe not the job they want, but they could get a job. Maybe they've got to alter their lifestyles. Let's give it a chance with no unemployment checks for a while and see how things work out before we start throwing more of the taxpayers' money into the problem.I agree with the attorney general. Every state agency in this state should be investigated -- city and counties.The sardine fishery off the coast of California has collapsed. They're not seeing any schools of these fish, which are a crucial staple for marine mammals and birds. This is all due to over-fishing and all going to sushi-loving Japan. What's going to happen when there's nothing left in the ocean, folks?
Why don't politicians tell you that the reason we are in the worst post-war recession is because all the jobs are sent overseas?In these press conferences, if you can't hear the question, how do you know what they're answering?Suddenlink is lying when they say you have an eight-hour backup. No one has it. People have been into my relatives' homes showing them how to do it. You cannot get a telephone line when the electricity if off. Do not fall for it. Then they keep raising your rates outrageously.Everything in West Virginia is political. If you're not, you can't operate here.Special thanks to Mayor Bill Pauley and the Marmet Fire Department bringing water to us senior citizens who had no way to pick it up. God bless all of them and thank you.We all know how this will go down. Freedom will file bankruptcy and then our government and the water company will make the victims pay for the cleanup of that chemical. They're so corrupt.
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