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Readers voice: Jan 21, 2014

Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call 304-357-4451 or email the mining industry has poisoned, killed an entire river. I think it's high time to shut coal mining down.  It is far too dangerous to the environment to continue. Let's cease mining coal.I would like to know why the woman who left her baby in the car that got hijacked was not charged with child endangerment. It would have been better to take the baby out in the cold than to leave it.Even if the highest court in this nation legalizes same-sex marriage, this is still against the laws of mankind. Even animals do better. Being legal is a big difference than being right.How many students did not return to local colleges and universities because their parents did not want them paying tuition to drink polluted water? Will the polluted water hurt fall enrollments?Who is going to pay my city of Charleston sewer bill after flushing my pipes? With 50-year-old water main lines all over the place, do you really think that poison is not stuck on all the rust and other buildup in WVAW company lines?"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." -- Patrick HenryThe people of this state never fail to amuse me. Our representatives to Washington, down to the governor, down to our state representatives in Charleston try to win our approval by regularly knocking each other down in order to be the first in front of the cameras to denounce the DEP, EPA, and "Obama's War on Coal!" And now that our water has been poisoned you really wonder why?If you are tired of the continuing infighting within our Congress as I am, then let us get rid of them in the coming election. Heaven knows our progress under the present lame excuse for an administration is downhill. We were promised change that did not take place, but we can make a change on our own.
Having lived in WV all my life (66-plus years), two things I know are certain. If you think our government will protect us from the private sector, you are dreaming. Also, if you think the private sector will ever do the right thing for us, you are dreaming.Capito has been proud of her work to get rid of environmental protection. Now she wants us to vote for her?Dear Ms. Tennant, we wanted to support your candidacy, but having examined your campaign website, we find we've been misled. Running against a Republican by adopting that Republican's platform as your own seems a non-starter to us. Good luck though. You'll need it. Love, Real Democrats.Does anyone know of a reputable lab that can test the water that is coming out of our taps in our homes?A big thank you to Ken Ward Jr. of the Charleston Gazette for the great articles he has written about the chemical spill. This was information that the public needed to know. Keep up the great work!Let's see if I have this straight. In the past 50 years, tobacco has been responsible for the deaths of approximately 20 million Americans, and it is still legal to sell and nobody is in jail for selling this poison. Sort of makes the law against the recreational use of marijuana look ludicrous, doesn't it?
Jay Rockefeller was the only politician to represent the people of West Virginia during the water crisis. All the others were quick to leap to the defense of our corporate citizens. What will happen to our democracy next year when Jay retires and corporations take complete control? We, the people, will be second-class citizens to our corporate owners.To Attorney General Morrisey, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. A good place to start investigating would be the Attorney General's office. Yeah, start there.A union company is shutting their doors in Milton in a cost savings move for the company. I guess all that money the union spent to help put Obama in office and pass Obamacare didn't help them one bit.
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