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Readers' Voice: Jan. 22, 2014

Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call 304-357-4451 or email cold water no longer has any of the chemical smell to it. However, after flushing my hot water tank and system many times, the smell remains. I wonder if WV American Water will pay for the installation of a new hot water heater in my home. I won't hold my breath.Anyone who attended the WVU and Fairmont State preseason basketball game knew the Mounties were in trouble. The best player on the floor was FSU's Stevie Browning.Why would anyone elect somebody like Tomblin as governor? All a person had to do was look at his area that he represented for 30 years and the way he bows down to any coal, chemical and gas company and they would realize that Tomblin cares nothing about the people living in West Virginia.Bill Clinton was a great president, no doubt, but he did not inherit the economic disaster President Obama inherited, so yes, if one knows anything at all about economics, then you would have to give President Obama credit for being the best economic president ever. Know the facts about what you are responding to before you make misguided remarks.The bottled water line at Crossings Mall stretched across the interstate and up the hill. People must not believe WVAWC or the governor. There was no line for the bulk truck water.I thought it was real nice how the Cabin Creek fire department had to go get water for the people. The state would not deliver it up to Cabin Creek. Shows how much our elected officials think of us. Thanks CCVFD.I thought the West Virginia Turnpike was expensive but I drove from the Ohio state line to I-79 in Pennsylvania and it cost me $5.90. Thank you to the Dunbar Fire Department for the respect shown Saturday to a retired fireman and veteran who passed away last week. Your kindness and expression of respect and sympathy was witnessed by so many and will never be forgotten. You are an exceptional group of caring people and again, thank you.You certainly do not promote or encourage freedom of thought. I am only published when I send something foolish, or something in line with your political/social philosophy.The Freedom mess will clear up soon. The new coal mines in Clay, Braxton and Webster that contribute acid mine drainage, chemical, and heavy metal pollution to Elk River will continue for hundreds of years. Rockefeller worked for the people. Manchin and Capito work for the coal industry. The future is grim.Thank you to Charleston snow removal, but I don't understand why they pile the snow against mailboxes, driveways and storm drains. It seems it wouldn't take much effort to put the snow in places where it wouldn't create more problems.
It is disgusting how the GOP, industry and the Chamber of Commerce continue their attack on labor unions and fair wages. They are very short-sighted but have unfortunate success because the American worker is easy to fool come election time.How many times does Gov. Tomblin have to tell the people that blame everything that happens on coal, that a coal company was not involved in the chemical leak?To all nine counties affected by the water crises, please, please recycle all your plastic water bottles. We've had enough pollution.
I am 86, living alone with rheumatoid arthritis. My neighbors are 50 and 60 but have not offered to get me water. My son in North Carolina had to contact someone here to get me help.Readers Voice doesn't seem as much constructive criticism as it has become grumpy whiners. Why not see if there isn't something you can do to help?To the venter who asks when we can expect the Mark of the Beast to come, I fear it may not be many more years. That is the best I can tell you.Too many underinformed and noncitizens have voted away the American dream.Angela's is one of the best-kept secrets in St. Albans.The people who are answering the WV American Water 855 number are the rudest people I have ever spoken with. They are uninformed, they give you no information and tell you to watch your television. That is absolutely ridiculous.
No wonder nothing ever gets done in the Senate. They've been arguing about a week now about unemployment compensation, something that affects only 1/3 of 1 percent of the American population. And they still continue to argue about it.They always stop the water just as soon as they pass the big housing project at the head of Childress Mountain. If that's the way the water company wants to treat us on the Alum Creek side, I think we all need to go back to the Alum Creek side of the water and say the hell with them.Thanks to the Gazette and Ken Ward for the coverage of the water crises. It takes the Gazette to cut through the self-serving hype of the politicians and the water industry.Well, here we are, getting screwed over again. Danny could hardly wait to tell us our sewer bills would be going up $5 to $7. Erin Brockovich, you want your next big case. Go down to Amandaville where poor people live and they've got that dangerous chemical.
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