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Readers' Voice: Jan. 23, 2014

Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call 304-357-4451 or email water, freezing weather, snow knee deep. Oh West Virginia, we gotta love ya, 'cause nobody else does.To the gunman Sunday morning that was using a semi-automatic pistol in the Ridgemont area of Pinch: Your judgment was poor and disturbing to our community not to mention very dangerous. You need to attend a gun safety class.Joe Manchin wants it both ways. What else is new?Eastman's Material safety data sheet for crude MCHM describes the product as colorless and having an odor typical of an alcohol. No mention there of the green tint seen in our drinking water or to the licorice odor in our kitchens and our air.There are at least two coal preparation plants upstream of Charleston that use the chemical Mech 4. Has anyone checked to see if they are leaking the chemical into the rivers and streams?You can bet on one thing, any chemical spill legislation or chemical tank inspection legislation will exclude any tanks on coal company property. Thank you to the person who found my BB&T debit card at the Kroger Riverwalk Mall gas pump and was honest enough to turn it in. God bless you.I have to wonder if the big chemical spill, the fouling of our drinking water, and the subsequent economic damage will have anyone re-thinking those big "Friends of Coal" stickers on the backs of their SUVs. Probably not.I think the water company should be locally owned. Having local ownership would bring more jobs to the area and better control.I think that I've heard it all now. A group had a candlelight vigil for water. Really? People have a vigil at the drop of a hat anymore. And to bring in people from Kentucky? Really? Kentucky? No wonder we're last in everything.
There's a lot of evidence in the geological record for climate change. I guess the thing that a lot of don't accept is that this is necessarily global warming and that man in his puniness can have any effect on it.Anyone who does not believe that the FDA, who has approved OxyContin, does not have blood on their hands is sadly mistaken. This drug was made legal in the U.S. before people knew what they were taking.Thanks to Mount Vernon Baptist for letting my family shower at your facility. You even filled our water jugs and offered us donuts. That's Christian stuff right there.Gov. Christie has spent $25 million of U.S. tax money for his re-election. The Republicans are making a big deal of veterans' foodstamps. How low can they go?
I'd like to know what they're doing about the inmates at South Central Regional Jail if they can't use the water to cook with or bathe in.To the ungrateful who wrote demanded a Good Samaritan keep their hands off their dog, this person doesn't even deserve to have a pet.Could the proper authorities please test the safety after boiling of the water from Witcher's, Burning Springs, George's and Campbell's Creeks for washing and bathing?Country Roads, take me home and bury me by the old country church.Two small raises in over 25 years reveals that legislators have not taken care of their responsibility. State employees were told they would get periodic raises after they voted for the investment of 60% of public employee retirement funds in the stock market. Some early retirees have never received a raise.Just wanted to send a big thank you to the people who had water through this situation in the Kanawha Valley who offered their homes and water to people who could not use their water. I think they deserve a big thank you from the rest of us.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if the left had as much zeal for fiscal sanity as they do for climate change? They're still dumping sludge ponds in the Tug River and the powers-to-be know what's going on because they're stocking trout in the headwaters of the same stream.
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