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Readers voice: Jan. 23, 2014

Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call 304-357-4451 or email Harrop's recent column about the mental state of West Virginians that allows them to be sheep for the coal companies, fails to mention one other cause. Religion. West Virginians have been told for so long how to "think" so that they can get to heaven, that they no longer really think. Just suffer and you can live forever.I owe my Gazette carrier an apology. Yesterday, I called circulation as a paper had not been delivered. I had looked all over the yard, in the shrubs, on the roof, even on the porch. Today, I found the paper around the side of my house.Manchin, Tomblin and Capito on the take from the chemical company responsible for all the trouble. Manchin cashes in on the coal industry. Now they're falling all over themselves trying to look like environmentalists. Obama was right. We need all the protection the government can provide despite what the corrupt politicians think. They should be representing us, not their pocketbooks.Interview the people that reported the odor that led to the discovery of the chemical leak. Ask when they first noticed the odor and that should give a time line of how long the leak had been going on.When the water crisis started Democrats couldn't wait to point out Freedom's contributions to GOP candidates. Guess what? They gave to Democrat campaigns also.Why was the emergency warning system not activated when the water crisis was discovered? Some folks did not find out until it was too late. I personally heard about it from a Facebook posting. Why did it take so long to get the word out?Does anyone besides me find it ironic that the city may sue to recover sales tax revenue that was lost in the recent water crisis? This same sales tax revenue will be used to pay off bonds used to renovate the Civic Center, which has a Friends of Coal basketball floor.I find it interesting that no one has questioned the safety of the bottled water everyone is guzzling. There is no federal oversight or testing of this water, and quality probably varies from state to state. Is it all safe? Who knows?
It's time to root out all the corrupt politicians who directly fill their pockets with cash from industry, while fighting President Obama and the EPA's efforts to keep us safe.I'd be interested to know if anyone else in the Blessing Road/Letart area is having trouble getting their mail delivered or picked up on our rural route?"Our teachers are qualified and know how to pace the curriculum. We'll work through this," Duerring said. If he believes that why does he require every teacher in the county to follow his curriculum plan and be on the same page with every other teacher every day? Some classes can move faster or slower than other classes but he does not allow that.Why can't you people understand that this spill was not made by a coal company? It was made by a chemical company.Why is it in the Legislature and all of our regulatory agencies have to be reactive instead of proactive. People sit around until the water get polluted; the air gets polluted and then they go into react mode.Doug McElway of Fox News came to Charleston from Washington, D.C. and talked to a lot of people at the distribution centers and a lot of reporters here and others connected to the spill. Fox News Channel does care.
I'm calling regarding the stoplights at Corridor G and Oakwood Road. Why are they not on a timer?Welcome to the Kanawha Valley. Just don't drink the water. 
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