Vent Line: Jan. 25, 2014

How could Hillary Clinton ever have the nerve to run for president after it was proven she failed to save the lives of the Benghazi victims, including the ambassador? She is incompetent and always has been.Hey, I say we boycott West Virginia American Water Co. for the rest of the month. Only use their water to flush the toilet. Use bottled water for everything else. Let them eat crow.With Freedom Industries' bankruptcy, when all is said and done, I'll bet the company is better protected from us than we are from them. But that is conservative corporate law for you; all stacked against the public.The Christian people don't believe in helping anyone.I'd like to know why the state officials are not being true to the people of West Virginia about this water situation. It is not a pure chemical; it is a crude combination of chemicals. None of us, including pregnant women, should be drinking this water.For the person who made light of the chemical spill, saying that Obama would get blamed for it, get off of your soapbox. This is not funny. Stop trying to bring your politics into it.Cincinnati can close its gates for intake water for 60 hours. Louisville can close the gates for more than 24 hours. What happened on Elk River? How long can West Virginia American Water close their gates for? Have they expanded their customer base so much that they can't handle the capacity of service they provide?Well, we found out where Alyce Faye was, and she is OK. But I wonder if we can ever find "Beetle Bailey." This state is run by nothing but crooks in the Legislature and everywhere. The DEP needs to get up off of their butts and get out and check something.I want the Game Show Network back on Suddenlink. The senior citizens all miss it.With the water being poisoned and the lack of knowledge by every one of the exact ingredients as well as their consequences, we have become lab rats.When are you teenage single mothers going to learn that these men do not respect you or your child?
I heard they were thinking of closing the Montgomery water treatment plant. I hope what just happened makes West Virginia American Water think differently about doing that.I'm calling about a little puppy that was found on Route 39 last week on Wednesday when the weather was zero. It was found by two little girls and brought it to me. It was left in a box with red clothes and looked to be about 6 weeks old. I want to thank the dirty person who left that defenseless animal out in the cold.Obama will be in West Virginia to visit us anytime now. Oh no, maybe not. He is probably on his way to Hawaii.
I wonder if WVU could win half of its conference games in basketball and football in the Mountain East Conference. I doubt it.Yeah, don't you just love this? We have Washington and Colorado allowing recreational smoking of marijuana, but yet they are trying to outlaw electric cigarettes.Limit the number of years to only eight years for our senators and congressman. Then they would be more concerned with what is best for the nation rather than their lifetime political careers.It is just plain wrong to tax a working person almost to the breaking point and then to give to a person who is able to work but will not. It is just not right.Sen. Byrd would have had this water crisis cleared up. There would have been funds for clean water and refunds to citizens for money spent. Emergency funds would have covered new pipe and he would have gotten rid of the water company's monopoly.Who will come to West Virginia for vacation now?
I would like to thank President Obama for declaring this a disaster so that we could have clean water shipped in, and thanks to Sen. Rockefeller for being on top of this to start with. It is a shame Manchin and Capito had to wait for the coal industry for permission to speak. Their words would have weakened the EPA standards even more.Thank you, Leonard Pitts, for such a wonderful article in Sunday's paper. This is true about small minds.I get sick of hearing about the false war on coal. What about the true war on water? You can live without coal but you cannot live without clean water. Where were the Friends of Coal on this? Silent.
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