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Readers' Voice: Jan. 25, 2014

Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call 304-357-4451 or email water company spokesman had said that usually when there's a chemical spill, their carbon filters can filter that out. How many chemical spills was he talking about that we are not aware of? How many are there? I'll never drink that water again.The Supreme Court and others seem to think they know what the Founding Fathers meant when they wrote the Constitution and all the amendments. The Constitution should be read and enforced as is. The right to bear arms "shall not be infringed." No exceptions.What moron in Charleston decided to introduce a law that would fine you a $100 for not being in your car to warm up? When it's 11 below zero, you can't start your car up and let it run? My God.Barack Obama has continually stepped over the line as far as his executive powers go. The Constitution gives him very little power to do certain things, and he just bypasses Congress more often than not, and he creates his own laws.To all you people taking God out of everything. Get ready. It's going to happen. It's called Tribulation, and you'll need a lot of luck to get through it.Every time the Goldy Auto commercial comes on, I turn the TV off. That is the worst commercial I've ever heard.The health department puts you through such a hassle to get a septic system for your home. It's a shame they can give you such a hard time over one septic system and then allow this very major event to happen to us.Seventy percent of the teachers are worthless? I think whoever made that comment is not only a teacher-basher but probably failed math to boot.
Why don't teachers have to be drug-tested? What makes them so special not to get drug-tested? They are responsible for our children eight to 10 hours a day. They should not get a pay raise if they don't get tested.As with the enormous problem in Parkersburg, the public should be monitoring and paid by the company who led us down this path and the West Virginia state governor and officials that promoted the EPA's war on coal. This product most likely would not be here except for coal.Perhaps Capito, Manchin and Tomblin could use the money the water contaminators gave them to buy the rest of us some bottled water.It is proper for the Gazette to rake our "leaders" over the coals for their lack of oversight of the chemical industry. But where does investigative reporting fit in? On a recent drive through areas of Kanawha County I rarely travel, I noticed the many storage tanks and wonder about them. The Gazette had better start doing some reporting on this situation and not just wait for the next tragedy.Please let readers know what happens to MCHM after its part in the coal cleaning process. What other toxic chemicals is it mixed with for processing coal? How do coal companies dispose of it? Does it make its way back to our water supply? Finally, are there other, less-toxic options for cleaning coal? If so, why are coal companies allowed to use these toxic substances?After weeks of no school, my grandkids returned to the classroom today. Two-hour delay followed by half a day awards ceremony. Did the board of education forget their job is to educate?
Yeah, sounds like the woman in the Kanawha County prosecutor's office got a promotion and a raise. She went from a clerk to office manager to girlfriend to wife, and she received over $20,000 increase in pay? The prosecutor has insulted the intelligence of everyone in Kanawha County. This is a disgrace. He should resign in shame, and his wife too.Why are they storing water in the city of Marmet Recreation Center? This water was sent there to be handed out to the public and people that was and is affected by the chemical spill that shut our water system down. Who is responsible for that being done?The op-ed by Froma Harrop on Jan. 23 should be required reading for all West Virginians. Her essay, along with that of Eric Waggoner in The Huffington Post, are two of the best articles about West Virginia that I have ever read.
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