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Readers' Voice: Jan. 27, 2014

Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call 304-357-4451 or email The coal severance tax on your electric bill, according to the PSC, was due to the surge of coal in 2008, so instead of raising your bill, they added that on. But I guarantee the CEOs didn't take a pay cut. So there you go Friends of Coal, sticking it to the working person again, aren't you?I'm calling from Wyoming County. I am a three-year homeless senior citizen partially disabled, and the state will not help me. I wonder why.If you West Virginia fans don't like the fact that Marshall won 10 games including the bowl game over a team that beat the hell out of you, who cares? You finally deserve it.I hope soon they find a cure for this global warming before we all freeze to death. The forecast says below zero again.The Kanawha County prosecuting attorney has reached a new low. Telling lies, no integrity, adultery, no class! Voters need to look at what has been happening in that office and decide just how stupid does Plants think we are?
Capito says we need reasonable regulation to keep our water safe. By regulation she means let industry write the regulation.I don't understand why people want to sue the water company when the water was contaminated by a chemical company. What did the water company do wrong?To our political leaders: With accepting our money comes the responsibility of protecting us. Remember the 29 miners. You could have or yet may have been responsible for a tragedy to thousands of West Virginians by contaminated water. Ponder living with that.Readers' Voice callers, and certain elected officials, who contend that the MCHM leak and resulting water crisis is a "chemical problem, not a coal problem" need to be reminded that if it were not for the coal industry, MCHM would not be produced in the first place. That's like saying lung cancer is a nicotine and tar problem, not a cigarette problem.Friends, there is a revolution coming. I'm over 65 and probably won't see it, but it's coming. Corporations rule this country and there is no fair court system since the corporations' tools, commonly called the United States Congress and United States Supreme Court, always rule in their favor. I fear for our grandchildren or great-grandchildren; they will bear the brunt of our failure to take back our country from the corporations.Sent the following to our governor, West Virginia senators and delegates and U.S. senators and representatives, and urge all West Virginians to do the same: What are you doing to protect all West Virginians from another catastrophe? Consider this notice that I will carefully monitor your future efforts on behalf of all West Virginians and will use them as my guide when choosing our next choice for your seat.Forty-nine million from state lottery goes to senior services. I wonder who is actually watching where that senior services money actually goes. Remember the millions that went to Bob Graham.How does Gazette columnist Joe Wyatt explain the fact that the most prevalent practice of slavery in the world today is found in sub-Saharan Africa, using the phenomenon of "confirmatory bias"? Would he say it is based on black Muslim bias against black Christians? Black Christian bias against black Muslims? Or does Wyatt just attribute it to what he perceives as another manifestation of the omnipresent vast right wing conspiracy?
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