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Readers' voice: Jan. 28, 2014

Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call 304-357-4451 or email'm so happy that The Charleston Gazette has finally learned about Operation Northwoods, in which every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff approved of a plan to use the U.S. personnel to attack Americans secretly in order to start a war with Cuba. I learned of it around 2000, shortly before 9/11. Perhaps you will now be more respectful of the people you disparage as "conspiracy theorists."To the person complaining about President Obama "stepping over the line" and bypassing Congress more often than not, he really has no choice if he wants to accomplish anything, because the majority of Congress is made up of the "party of no" and the crackpot "tea party" to which you probably belong.Were the governor to ask, I would suggest he appoint Dave Callaghan to a blue ribbon commission to investigate, and recommend, following the chemical/water crisis. Dave's analysis was spot-on, and his advice should be valued and heeded by us all. He served under three governors, and was tough and protective when it came to our state's natural resources.I have heard similar criticisms made toward domestic violence victims that Ms. Harrop made at victims of the chemical spill. Domestic violence victims choose to marry and stay with abusers often and become defensive when authorities step in, just as we elect and reelect politicians and allow our home to be abused. Both do so because of economic issues and because they have nowhere else to go to feed their children. I wonder if she would call abused spouses a cult.I support David Callaghan's recommendations as written in the Sunday Gazette. The public water supply should be owned by the public, not Wall Street investors, who have shown little concern for West Virginia. Ask Mayor Jones to start the process to acquire West Virginia American water for the city of Charleston.If our right to bear arms has no exceptions, do we have the right to bear missiles and nuclear bombs?I am amused about others' concern about breakfast cereals' taste. Almost all breakfast cereals are nothing but a conglomeration of chemicals and corn syrup engineered to be addictive and people are stupid to eat them. I think it is child abuse to feed them to children.Thank you, Dayton Carpenter, for the information that the public needs to know related to the water crisis. We now know what should be done to regain WV Water customers' trust. I just wonder why the water company didn't implement his suggestions before now. Maybe the water company should hire him as a consultant.
Can anyone tell me how a U.S. senator from West Virginia who owns a coal brokerage firm can effectively and honestly introduce legislation for the coal miners and the citizens of his state when the profits of his company come from little or no regulation of the coal industry?So, have y'all noticed that the rich or well-to-do people who live on Edgewood or Quarrier streets have salted and plowed roads, but the middle class street residents do not?Something to be grateful for. Zero. The number of wars that President Obama has started.Ms. Harrop is right in her article about West Virginians letting corporations and politicians run over top of them. Manchin, Rahall, Capito, and McKinley, along with Tomblin, would put acid in our waters if the extraction companies wanted them to and wouldn't care how many died.I hear people like you on talk radio ranting about how the president routinely violates the Constitution and "creates his own laws," as you noted in Saturday's Readers' Voice. Can you provide an example? Just one? Or have you belatedly remembered how a bill becomes a law?Just wondering if WVAW drained the water tanks on Lens Creek Mountain which supply part of Boone County with water. If so, thanks! If not, why not? What other tanks have they not drained? I have asked this question several times but have not gotten any answers.
Quit your crying about the water. This is what most people in West Virginia want, a powerless EPA and federal government. Go ahead and believe that Friends of Coal, state politicians, Chamber of Commerce, and mining company lobbyists' baloney about how Obama is trying to kill coal. Besides, the coal companies have been dumping this chemical (and who knows how many others) in our streams and rivers for years.The Internet speed is grossly horrific. Years ago it was so slow you could wash a load of cloths before you got anything done. Now you can take a vacation. Tax dollars were used to line someone's pockets while schools, businesses, and the public wait.Right on cue and before the water even was turned back on, Senator Rockefeller was in typical Democratic form calling for more regulation, more government, and ultimately more taxes so even more people can be paid to not do their jobs.
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