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Readers' Voice: Jan. 29, 2014

Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call 304-357-4451 or email the water meter being read or are they just estimating it?When you give Obama credit for starting zero wars, don't forget the asterisk. Remember, he drew the line in the sand and tried to start a war in Syria; the problem was that nobody, not even our troops, would follow him into that mess, which is none of our business.If Mother Nature doesn't hurry up and get over her PMS, then we're all gonna die.I'm curious. When you say in your editorial that "the U.S. press hardly noticed the disclosure" of Operation Northwoods, you do realize that's you, right?Below zero degrees here in West Virginia, but warm enough in Alaska to force cancellation of an Iditarod sled race qualifier. Global warming does produce extremes in weather patterns.To the partially disabled and homeless senior citizen from Wyoming County who wonders why the state won't help: The answer is, because government is moving to take away all elderly benefits, property, health care, etc.A recent study shows that, on average, Americans living in red states have lower wealth per capita are more likely to be living in poverty, have shorter life expectancy, higher rates of infant mortality and lower overall well-being. West Virginia could be a poster child for red states. To those readers who don't know the meaning of global warming: Global warming will result in extreme weather patterns, both hot and cold over our planet.Every time I dodge a pothole, I hit three more. Already lost two fillings out of my teeth.If same-sex couple are worse parents than straight couples, why have I never heard of them rejecting their child because he's straight?For some people, wealth comes from exploiting weak regulation. It's legal but sick if you are the person responsible for regulation. Manchin, Capito, take note!
The problem with guns is that gun owners keep killing people.You really have to hand it to Congressman Rahall for his taking the time to benefit his constituents by visiting the Corps of Engineers beach renourishment projects on Padre Island, Texas, during the most recent cold snap and water crisis.With help from an ex-WVU football coach, Doc Holliday was hired to coach the Herd's football team and winning a "who really cares" bowl game, the Marshall A.D. should hire a basketball coach from WVU to help the basketball team win in C-USA.
Has anyone pondered what would have happened if terrorists had poisoned the water of 300,000 people. The outrage and disbelief would have been unbelievable.Manchin, Capito and Tomblin all fighting the EPA's efforts to prevent more disasters. Thanks!Never, never has a president been treated as has our first black president, but surely not the last black president. I do not need a history lesson to know that.No Labels for Joe Manchin means no principles.What good are the cameras on [the] West Virginia 511 [travel information system] if they don't work during the recent snow and ice storms? I haven't been able to use them for several days.We had a state school superintendent, a woman, who had great evaluations. She was fired and was replaced. No job advertisement or interviews were conducted. Now in Harrison County we have the same situation. A woman, with good evaluations, was fired and replaced quickly, without job advertisement or interview. Sexism? Cronyism? What might they have in common?
Twenty children go to hospitals every day due to guns. Do you see a need for gun control? Of any kind?We are all just now seeing the results of budget cuts. Big corporations have caused these cuts by not paying their fair share of taxes. Did you read how much Freedom Industries owed? Just a drop in the bucket among many. I know of several small businesses that had to close due to owing taxes. Guess they did not have the attorneys or the lobbyist money to fight paying.To the person who wants to know what the water company did wrong: They did not shut the water intakes even though they knew in time, this allowed the kerosene (not candy) to line the whole system. If you take the back off of your toilet you can feel how everything is covered with an oily substance. This water ruined two pieces of personal property and still stinks badly. So they lied and did not protect their customers or their property.Somebody commented that if we didn't have coal mines the spilled chemical would never had been developed. Well, if you want to play that game, if we didn't need steel and electricity, we wouldn't need coal. How far back in time do you want to live?
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