Readers' Voice: Feb. 26, 2014

Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call 304-357-4451 or email of our water situation, my in-laws refuse to visit or stay at my house. Talk about your silver lining.Morrisey was elected by Big Coal to undermine the rules and regulations. Guess what, Morrisey. That's not the way government works. We do have ethics to follow, and you are not excluded. Let's see how much money Big Coal throws your way next election when they determine that you did not get away with your underhanded agenda.Yes, a child's education is more important than a vacation schedule. What's debatable is how much education the child is getting in today's schools.MSNBC constantly apologizing for comments. CNN dumping Piers Morgan for his comments. Pretty obvious Fox News has been the honest ones all this time.Tea party and GOP government suckers tear our country's foundations apart. Freedom for all out the door in Arizona. Right to vote attacked in every state. Right to defend your home and parks against a big giveaway to the rich oil and gas industry lost every day. Real, honest Democrats, please stand up.As if there was anyone left who had any doubt, the AFL-CIO, with their shameful treatment of Sen. Jenkins, has removed any notion that they are for jobs, working folks or the values and morals of most West Virginians and have proved once and for all that they are about blind party loyalty and the support of President Obama and his cronies like Congressman Rahall.Of the 10 states listed in the Gallup Poll as "most miserable in which to live," nine are red or Republican-voting states, including the No. 1, West Virginia. No wonder.
Landlords should have to pay for meth lab cleanup and not West Virginia taxpayers. Raise the cost of rental property tax to cover it, especially when some landlords fail to have renters sign leases, check the backgrounds on potential renters, install security cameras or allow renters to pay rent in cash. Such landlord irresponsibility should not result in taxpayer burdens.I'd say that The Charleston Gazette qualifies for a perfect score where your Olympic coverage is concerned. If you ran one article about this sporting event without saying something nasty about Russia, I must have missed it. Do you do this on your own, or is a government mandate?Jesus Christ, a man of color, was a community organizer and somewhat liberal. Are there questions here?The person who was bragging about North Carolina doing so well with a Republican governor needs to look at facts. He has passed laws that has set the state back 100 years, and now they are fighting the coal ash disaster that the backroom deals has caused, so they are not doing that great.In the past year, I purchased a sand blaster and a soda blaster from Harbor Freight. I tried to order parts from them, only to be told they no longer stocked them. Be careful what you buy. My unit is no longer useful without the nozzles.Tell the rich Koch brothers from New York that they have their own representative in Congress and they don't get to pick ours. That's who is paying for the anti-Rahall ads on TV. Don't be bought and fooled by billionaire outsiders!Is there a reason the South Charleston trash truck has to start his route up Montrose Drive early in the morning? A couple hundred cars plus school buses trying to navigate the hill, and here's a trash truck facing uphill in the downhill lane.
If you really want to understand the science of climate change, read the literature, not the novels. Start with NASA's Dr. James Hansen's "Storms of My Grandchildren" and/or Nobel laureate Dr. Henry Pollack's "A World Without Ice," documenting evidence about how the fresh water locked in ice around the world is being lost due to global warming. Also "Climate Cover Up" by James Hogan details the fossil fuel industries' spending billions on a deception for the preservation of their profits -- not the planet.
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