Readers' voice: Feb. 27, 2014

Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call 304-357-4451 or email think the water buffaloes should be located closer to population centers. I live in Nitro and we have many elderly people who don't drive out to Nitro Marketplace. They have health problems and shouldn't drink the water. They can't afford to buy it. We need one in the downtown area.You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.Whatever happened to Friends of Coal? Did they join the Friends of the Environmental Agency?It seems interesting that none of the wildlife has been hurt or injured by this chemical spill. Maybe its because they don't have any personal injury lawyers telling them that every itch and hiccup is a potential gold mine.Would you rather the government give a lot of money to a bunch of climate scientists or to doctors who are doing cancer research? Let's take a vote.Breaking news in Oklahoma. In the past week there have been 103 mild earthquakes and many homes have numerous cracks.I feel bad for and I prayed for the family of the guy who got bitten and died, on the snake handler situation. But they need to read the part in the Bible where it says, "Don't tempt God." That would be like jumping off a bridge and saying "Save me, God." They really need to rethink that. Snakes belong outside.
After this morning's TV commercial comparing eating pistachios with French kissing, I'm swearing off pistachios. That's disgusting.So some idiot can poison 300,000 people's water and then go buy a house with cash in South Hills without any repercussions? Really? That person should have to pay monetarily for what they've done.Kids have their video games for entertainment and the people in Boone County have Route 3 East to drive on for their entertainment -- dodging potholes.The Gazette's articles on the progress on Obamacare are skewed. Why don't you do an article on those of us who received a one-week's notice of cancellation in December and had to buy insurance without government tax credits? Now that is what is really happening to people.I urge all these voters to vote out all the politicians who require a prescription for sinus medication.The way all of these politicians are voting and acting you'd think there wasn't an all-seeing eye to account to on judgment day.I joined a do-not call list but I get more calls from con artists and whoever than I ever did.
These politicians in Charleston just sit around and try to dream up laws to pass to harass the taxpayer. We need to get rid of all these pinheads.Just called West Virginia American Water to ask why my bill more than doubled when I hadn't been using the water. I was asked if I watered my lawn, filled my pool or had extra visitors. The costumer service was located in Florida.
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