Readers' Voice: March 4, 2014

Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call 304-357-4451 or email to W.Va. Coal Association: Your longtime motto has been "Coal keeps the lights on". An updated (and more accurate) version should be "Coal keeps the water polluted."The howler of the week, from U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry: "You just don't invade a country on phony pretext in order to assert your interests." Iraq, anyone?It's really an embarrassment to this country when the president, in a situation where he has limited power and control, such as the Ukraine problem, has a donkey cavity like Sen. Lindsay Graham criticizing his every move.Sadly, for many of the nation's elderly, they seem to have no desire whatsoever to rethink the politics of fear, hatred and Fox News. It's a criminal waste of retirement.The legislature has lost its collective minds. Is the NRA buying their seats, so that they cannot vote with common sense? Gun-toting idiots should not be allowed anywhere near children's after-school programs or recreational centers.I knew that renegade chemical company was someone that needed to be shut down, especially after hearing that the rich Republican Koch brothers were involved with it. The drug companies, who apparently think they are all mighty, need to get with it. Senior citizens who live alone particularly need to have print large enough for them to read on medicine bottles and vitamin bottles.Since Douglass has retired as commissioner of agriculture, does that make him not responsible for the loan that he gave out?Life lesson: If you love someone let them know before it's too late.How would you like to trust Patrick Morrisey to keep your water clean?
They say raising the minimum wage is going to help people, but if they do, consumer prices will go up, utilities will go up and the people that it hurts the most will be people on a fixed income. They will pay dearly. I can't wait until everybody moves out of West Virginia and then the 55 boards of education and delegates and senators from 55 counties will be then reeling about how they're going to get paid. Folks, we don't need 55 counties. That's the beginning of our big problems. Finally, the Winter Olympics is over. I can get my TV back again. There was no reason to have that on seven channels at one time.I really long for the good ol' days -- don't ask, don't tell. It applied to everyone.
The Kanawha County Board of Education must fund a levy for the Kanawha County Public Library or they must fund the library voluntarily. Seventy percent of our third-graders in West Virginia already read below reading level already.In case you people were wondering why it was so cold last Monday was because Dale Earnhardt Jr. won a race and hell froze over.Pete Thaw, you are a petty, mean and bitter old man. You have nothing left to contribute and you need to step aside.Enough with all the library levies and all the other levies. People cannot afford any more taxes. Let the ones that want it pay for it themselves.Morrisey is the epitome of the ignorance of West Virginia voters.Can you name one law that our politicians in Charleston have passed that will help us? Can you remember one that would help us last year or the year before?
 Do you part to help the planet. It's almost spring. Plan on planting a tree. Ask your extension agent for advice and help if you need to. We need trees.Does it make you feel good to criticize others in the readers' voice about people sending their kids only to Sunday school on Easter and Christmas? At least they go and get a taste of what Sunday school and church is about and when they get older you can bet when they can make up their own minds they will go. Quit being critical and mind your own business.  
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