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Readers' Voice: March 6, 2014

Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call 304-357-4451 or email those of you who don't agree with Evan Jenkins' latest political statements, just be patient. They'll surely change to conform with the release of the next public opinion poll.Once more we see ignorance of our Legislature. We give our teachers a raise they don't deserve on borrowed money. How stupid. Money will not fix our educational problems. Getting rid of the Teachers' Affiliation will. Remember these people at election time.Everyone listen: if you don't make getting jobs easier and more available, you're going to see increases in drug and alcohol abuse. It's that simple.You'd be wise to pay attention to the climate scientists. There are more dangers to humanity's survival than deadly diseases. Catch up on your reading of the news. Pay attention for the sake of your children. We only have one planet.I see that the House of Delegates outlawing certain paraphernalia up to and including rolling papers. That's not going to discourage consumption at all. It's just another law they dared to mess with.Just wondering what all these federal judges are going to do when they appear in God's court and he says, "Why did you break my laws?" What are they going to do, plead the Fifth Amendment? Sorry about your luck.It's a shame that the Supreme Court puts more of an emphasis on an assessment tool that makes no sense than the welfare of its employees. Our governor is dumber than a box of rocks and we've just displayed him for the whole country to see.Gary Southern and Joe Manchin are birds of a feather.Can someone tell me how to sign up on Obamacare without having an Internet? Where do you go if you don't have the Internet?Citizens of West Virginia should check into House Bill 4354, the Anti-Speech Act and call their legislators and ask them to vote no.
During the Buffalo Creek Disaster Gov. Arch Moore at the time would not let any news media up in there. Did he have something to hide?Why do our state legislators always compare our bills with other states'? Why can't we think for ourselves for our own people?If you think the water is bad right now down in the Charleston area, you just wait until they get into full swing with this fracking. You ain't seen nothing yet.
I am confused. I have a loved one that screams if a drop of local water touches him and happily draws smoke into his lungs that causes cancer and COPD.It's time for Mark Plants to go. He is an eyesore to the Prosecuting Attorney's Office.About the car accident in Grantsville that took a life and almost killed two others. Why is it that the police officer that was chasing him not get his license and back off? Look what happened to two families just because the officer couldn't control his own emotions. He needs to take responsibility for his actions, too.I was glad to see the story about the lottery sales being down in West Virginia. It provides at least a glimmer of hope that there is intelligence here after all.Michelle Obama's participation in the ridiculous sketch on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell was so beneath and demeaning to the position of First Lady in the United States. Please bring back Jay Leno.Just wondering, are our legislators idiots or are they just pandering to the NRA?
It's a shame the Legislature can't pass a water bill that will keep the water safe. But that's what happens when big corporations come in with their money. They write the bills. It's happening all over the United States. Voters are just dumb.Obama and all the liberals want us to go back like it was in the '30s and '40s -- two classes of people, rich and poor. Shame on them.I hope the U.S. Senate and House are both in Republican control after the election. Then they pass the laws that they want. Then listen to the crying then. They can't think for themselves.
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