Your vents for Tuesday, January 22

  • If George W. Bush had been president when the attack on Pearl Harbor happened, he would have retaliated by attacking Norway.
  • Patriot Coal is trying to screw miners out of their pensions. Where are the Friends Of Coal, Sen. Manchin, Rep. Rahall and Gov. Tomblin on this matter? Their silence is deafening. Oh, that's right, I forgot: They are just friends of coal mine owners and operators.
  • Every war we have fought since World War II has been an illegal war, since the Constitution specifies that war can only be declared by an act of Congress.
  • The president laid it out pretty plain for Congress with his sensible suggestions for curbing gun violence. But, they will do nothing. Remember, the next time our children are gunned down in a mass shooting, to ignore the statements of sorrow and the alligator tears from politicians. Congress does not give a damn.
  • Only a moron would be capable of actually believing stripping law-abiding citizens of the constitutional right to keep and bear arms will have any affect on crimes involving guns. Law-abiding citizens don't break the law to begin with. This is a figment of the liberal imagination.
  • I don't bow down to executive orders from anyone.
  • If you put a 10-round clip in a so-called assault rifle, is it still an assault rifle? This type of rifle is no more dangerous than any other if it is not carrying a 30-100 round clip.
  • The reason President Obama's children get armed Secret Service protection is that as president he knows information that is critical to the citizenry of the United States of America. I am disappointed at the expressions of hate I continually read concerning the president.
  • With all the footage the news crew gets during interviews and on-scene reporting, do they really have to keep repeating the clips? It is really very annoying to see the same clip three or four times during a news report.
  • Eroding morality and the influence of violent media are to blame for a recent rash of incidents. The issue comes down to "moral relativism." We now have a generation of people that grew up exposed to violence, be it video games or movies. There's also a lack of respect for authority. We see it in classrooms, on the streets, everywhere.
  • With Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, Kentucky has the two biggest anal cavities in the U.S. Senate.
  • I have a prediction, if Gaston Caperton announces he will seek the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Jay Rockefeller, Shelley Capito will reconsider and run for her safe U.S. House of Representatives seat.
  • I do not recognize, nor ever plan to live under, any of Obama's executive orders. He is not a king. His word is in no way law. While we do have a 100 percent dysfunctional Congress; it is Congress that passes laws, not the White House. I think Obama needs to go back to civics class and learn a thing or two about our form of government.
  • I'm not a Democrat, but was most pleased to see Sen. Manchin on several TV programs on different channels this past Sunday. He also had an article published in the Daily Mail this week. He is making a positive image representing our state. West Virginians should be proud and stop bad mouthing him.
  • Obama's selection of Republican, Chuck Hagel as his defense secretary nominee is very scary. The president seems determined to bring our nation down as a world power. Cutting $600 billion from our military budget would render our armed forces impotent.
  • I'll be more than happy to tell you why you should help pay for President Obama's vacation when you tell me why I should help pay for George W. Bush's illegal invasion and war in Iraq.
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