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Your Vents, Thursday, Feb. 27

* A new bumper sticker says "DADDD" and it is for a new group called Dads Against Daughters Dating Democrats. I sure would like to join.* Well here it is on CNN national news: Is West Virginia water safe to drink? They should specify it is not for the entire state, just in the Charleston area. This makes the whole state look bad. It should be changed.* Whatever came out of the hot water tank was in there a long time before the spill. Anyone who has ever really drained a water tank before knows that. Be careful what you buy into.* You folks who voted for Obama have to realize by now you made a big mistake.* You should not be allowed to buy energy drinks, soda or other junk food with food stamp/SNAP benefits. Photo ID should also be required. I see people with two and three cards they have traded/bought for pennies on the dollar.* What strange remarks by Thomas Sowell. His ramblings about being displeased by women who don't make themselves more appealing to him certainly show that he is a misogynist. How creepy.* I am perplexed by people in this state who can still comment on a football game from last fall, bring up something a celebrity said two years ago or hold a grudge over something from 20 years ago but then get in the voting booth, suffer complete memory loss and perpetuate the misery we have been in for more than 80 years.* Basic math question: if "Obama's irritated three-fourths of the people in the country," how did he manage to get elected to a second term?* Nobody's coming to your home to take your stupid gun. Would you please admit that it is gun owners that are shooting and killing people?
* With normal use your hot water tank collects a gel-like crud in the bottom. That's why they recommend periodic draining. What people saw coming out of their tanks had nothing to do with the chemical spill.* I wish Fayette County would annex Eastern Kanawha County. Kent Carper does not care about the people in this end of the county.* I find it extremely concerning that West Virginia American Water only has the capacity to supply its customers for 2 hours. This leaves the water company's customers very vulnerable.* It amazes me when people blame Hillary Clinton for not paying attention to intelligence reports before the Benghazi event, resulting in the death of four, but don't blame George W. Bush for not paying attention to intelligence reports before 9/11, resulting in the deaths of thousands.* There is no difference in the military personnel between now and the Vietnam era. They were all sent off by fools to fight wars we didn't need to fight.* We are in a crisis still because of a government run by lapdogs of the industrial society. You can no longer leave your wellbeing up to these party officials who take their paycheck from the unscrupulous mob.
* I have shoveled five inches of snow off of my sidewalk five or six times this year. It reminds me of the winters back in the 1950s when I was a kid. Guess we had global warming back then too, but being uneducated goobers we were too dumb to know it.* Great to see Scott Segal and Bobby Warner advertising on TV all the time. It must mean they need the business. Maybe West Virginians have lost interest in suing each other all the time.* Now they are getting strange smells from the bottled water. Priceless. It's the West Virginia way.* If we lived in a northern state that has bad winters each and every year, our children would never have to go to school. The schools in states that have regular bad winters might miss some days, but they have school on most, and they get the kids there safely. We must be doing something wrong here.
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