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WSAZ Invitational results: Day 1

WSAZ InvitationalAt Big Sandy Superstore ArenaFriday's resultsTeam standings1. Huntington 771/2, 2. Greenbrier West 66, 3. Shady Spring 60, 4. Meade County 59, 5. Woodrow Wilson 58, 6. (tie) Independence and Winfield 541/2, 8. North Marion 54, 9. Montgomery County 511/2, 10. Johnson Central (Ky.) 501/2, 11. Ashland (Ky.) 50, 12. Liberty Raleigh 461/2, 13. Williamstown 45, 14. George Washington 44, 15. Wahama 37, 16. Shady Spring 32, 17. Hurricane 29, 18. Riverside 28, 19. Nicholas County 271/2, 20. Buffalo 24, 21. Petersburg 23, 22. (tie) Chesapeake (Ohio) and Nitro 20, 24. River Valley (Ohio) 191/2, 25. Richwood 15, 26. Logan 7, 27. St. Albans 6, 28. Fairland (Ohio) 5. 29. Mingo Central 0Individual results106-pound weight classChampionship second roundLogan Grass, Hunt. d. Logan McCloud, Chesa. by fall 2:52; Dalton Smith, Will. d. Jeremiah Mayo, WW by fall :36; Caleb Currence, Green. West d. Eli Wheatley, Winfield by fall 1:09; Philip Sharp, GW d. Logan Robertson, SS 12-3; Alex Haddox, Hunt. d. Alex Lee, Meade 4-2; T.J. Bowen, JC d. Lee Slate, Hurricane by fall :31; Sam Moore, GW d. Austin Pinkerman, Ashland by fall 4:55; Teddy Stover, Independence d. Kevin Melgar, Montogomery County by defaultSecond-round consolationAshley Morgan, River. d. Kevin Melgar, Montgomery County by default; Alex Lee, Meade d. Green, Hurr. by fall; Jeremiah Mayo, WW d. Hedrick, Win. 8-6113 poundsChampionship second roundJordan Allen, Hunt. d. John Christenson, GW by fall 1:00; Leland Swafford, WW d. Mickey Sanchez, Chesa. by fall 2:15; Brye Mullenix, Will. d. Justin McDowell, Ashland by fall 1:37; Chris Cochran, Winfield d. Austin Earles, Fairland by fall 1:14; Ben Alderson, Green. West d. Sawyer Stephens, Chesa. by fall 1:18; Will Cox, Independence d. Levi Smith, GW 9-3; Zach Clark, SS d. Evan Gaines, NM by fall 1:43; Chris Beeler, Meade d. Jacob Kemper, RV by fall 1:45Second-round consolation
Smith, GW d. Furey, NM by fall 1:55; Earles, Fairland d. Hutchins, Chesa. 6-0; Christenson, GW d. Looney, Chesa. 12-0120 poundsChampionship second roundRyan Elliott, NM d. Dakota Hoskins, Meade by fall 2:31; Sky Steadman, Hurr. d. Rodney Peterson, Montgomery 9-0; Chris Patton, Green. West d. David Pancake, GW 6-3; Wyatt Kirk, Ashland d. Trent Borror, Petersburg 7-6; Tristen Harvey, LR d. Josh Lilley, WW 10-5; Bret MacIver, Will. d. Jacob Bennet, Wahama by fall 4:33; Dylan Francis, JC d. Jimmy Emery, Fairland 11-2; Johnny Forren, SS d. Tanner Hayes, NM by fall :32Second-round consolationBevil, NM d. Emery, Fairland 7-0; Bennet, Wahama d. Maynard, Fairland by fall :54; Lilley, WW d. Ward, Wahama by fall :50; Borror, Petersburg d. Ketchum, WW 16-4; Pancake, GW d. Trotter, Petersburg by fall 3:41; Peterson, Montgomery d. Napier, GW 12-0; Hoskins, Meade d. Catalogna, Montgomery by fall :48
126 poundsChampionship second roundJenson Lorea, GW d. Chase DeMoss, SS 17-2; Kendall Orbegon, SV d. Austin Morgan, Montgomery 7-4; Ryan Arnett, NM d. Caleb Barley, WW by fall 1:34; Johnathan Spence, Hunt. d. Isihah Copley, Ashland 13-2; Chase Childers, Hunt. d. Malek Musser, Petersburg by fall 3:55; Tyler Kosut, SS d. Dustin Young, Nitro by fall 1:10; Jordan Grimmet, Geen. West d. Jakob  Cooper, WW by fall 1:32; Bryce Humphreys, Winfield d. Alex Arthur, Buffalo by fall 1:00Second-round consolation Arthur, Buffalo d. Johnson, Hurr. by fall; Cooper, WW d. Hapney, Buffalo by fall : 51; Green, WW d. Young, Nitro by ball 2:55; Musser, Petersburg d. Harris, Nitro by fall 2:58; Copley, Ashland d. Dech, Petersburg by fall 4:35; Beeler, Meade d. Barley, WW by fall 1:07; Robie, WW d. Morgan, Montgomery by fall 3:46; DeMoss, SS d. Thompson, Montgomery by fall 2:32132 poundsChampionship second roundClyde Newcome, Montgomery d. Josh Gilger, WW 5-3; Cody Shepherd, Hunt. d. Evan Fairchild, Winfield 8-4; Colton Ward, Independence d. Anthony Atkins, SA by fall 2:13; John Duncan, SS d. Kenneth Ladadwa, Richwood by fall 5:06; Dustin Yoakum, Green. West d. Issac Martin, Petersburg vy fall 1:28; Tyler Hampton, SV d. Austin Griffith, RV by fall :41; Logan Asbury, LR d. Vince Hunt, River. by fall 3:03; Austin Stanley, NM d. David Meadows, SS 13-2Second-round consolationMeadows, SS d. DeHart, Logan by fall :25; Hunt, River. d. Efaw, SS by fall :46; Shamblin, River. d. Griffith, RV by fall :46; Martin, Petersburg d. Frame, RV by fall 4:25; Ladadwa, Richwood d. Haas, Petersburg by fall; Atkins, SA d. Vance, Richwood by fall 3:27; Giffith, SA d. Fairchild, Winfield by default; Gilger, WW d. Franklin, Winfield by fall 2:44138 poundsChampionship second roundBilly Waldeck, Hunt. d. Jonathan Davis, Meade by fall 1:44; Chris Meadows, SS d. Matt Moore, NC by fall 3:18; Chance Rhodes, Independence d. Justin Wheeler, NM by fall 2:38; Josh Jude, JC d. Garrett Keefer, Winfield by fall 1:27; Nick Farley, SS d. Jesse Edwards, RV by fall 1:06; Logan Lindsey, Will. d. Jay Layne, Ashland 8-2; Alex Martonosi, NM d. Hanna Workmand, River. by fall :55; Cody Clifton, LR d. Trevor Johnson, Hunt. by fall 5:06Second-round consolationJohnson, Hunt. d. Priddy, Independence 2-1; Workman, River. d. Haynes, Hunt. by forfeit; Sutphin, River. d. Layne, Ashland 18-1; Edwards, RV d. Sheppard, Ashland by fall 1:37; Keefer, Winfield d. O'Neal, RV by fall 2:25; Holsten, Winfield d. Wheeler, NM 13-2; Justice, NM d. Moore, NC by fall 3:30; Davis, Meade d. Marcum, NC by fall 1:43145 poundsChampionship second round
Justin Arthur, Hunt. d. Colton Miller, Montgomery by fall :48; Jordan Tincher, Green. West d. Paul Reynolds, RV 11-2; Brandon Stump, SS d. Zack Gwinn, SV by fall 5:28; Isaac Reed, Winfield d. Jeffery Thompson, River. 15-0; Jordan Young, JC d. Austin Mason, Nitro by fall :57; Jacob Maguire, Meade d. James Kintz, Hurr. by fall 5:52; Mark Glenn, WW d. Drew Burkett, NM by fall 5:22; Jake Tracewell, Will. d. Patrick Murphy, Hunt. by fall :59Second-round consolationMurphy, Hunt. d. Hedrick, Petersburg 7-0; Kintz, Hurr. d. Blood, NM by fall :40; Guiterrez, Hurr. d. Mason, Nitro by fall 1:11; Gwinn, SV d. Carr, River. by fall 2:51152 poundsChampionship second roundMalik Boatwright, Green. West d. Gavin Barker, NM by fall :36; Cody Richmond, SS d. Trae Cornell, RV by fall :48; Cole Williams, WW d. Timmy Gibbs, Wahama by fall 3:18; Henry Matos, Ss d. Taylor Grimm, Winfield by fall 1:37; Paden Christian, Hunt. d. Matt Pervis, Montgomery 15-0; Noah Tonney, Hunt. d. Dakota Sloas, Ashland by fall 3:00; Jeremy Francis, Hurr. d. Justin Burke, River. 5-2; R.J. Elam, LR d. Cody Vandyke, WW by fall :26Second-round consolationVandyke, WW d. Miller, NC 8-4; Burke, River. d. Sites, WW by fall 2:42; Sloas, Ashland d. Donahoe, River. by fall 1:23; Hylton, Ashland d. Pervis, Montgomery 15-3; Grimm, Winfield d. Johnson, Montgomery by fall 2:23; Fairman, Winfield d. Gibbs, Wahama 5-4; Cornell, RV d. Starcher, Wahama by fall :42; Barker, NM d. Lageman, RV by fall :39160 poundsQuarterfinalsJake Smith, GW d. Anthony Tiano, NM 20-4; Jason Martin, Hunt. d. Braxton Gritt, Buffalo by fall 2:46; Austin Stewart, Richwood d. Bradley Smedley, Ashland by fall :41; Marquis Frazier, Green. West d. Alex Daniels, Independence 20-8; Gabe McIlrath, Montgomery d. Zach Cooper, Hurr. 16-1 Jimmy Preston, JC d. Kyle McCoy, Hunt. by fall 1:04; Matthew Bailey, LR d. Wade Leggett, NC 16-0; Kane Roush, Wahama d. Stefan Gibbs, Hunt. 1-0Second-round consolationGibbs, Hunt. d. Edmonds, Fairland 11-2; Leggett, NC d. Maynard, Hunt. by fall 1:24; McCoy, Hunt. d. Lipscomb, NC 16-9; Asbury, Hunt. d. Cooper, Hurr. 5-3; Daniels, Independence Shacklette, Hurr. 5-4; Smedley, Ashland d. Payne, Independence by forfeit; Whitmore, Ashland d. Gritt, Buffalo by fall 4:29; Tiano, NM d. Rohrbaugh, Buffalo 6-4170 poundsChampionship second roundTyler Parker, Green. West d. Chris Worley, WW by fall 1:47; Kyle Fischer, SV d. Devin Dempsey, Hunt. by fall 1:49; Trey Williams, Independence d. Chad Hale, SV by fall 1:30; Zach Roland, Montgomery d. Alex Bruce, Sa 21-5; Austin Budd, Hunt. d. Slater Swift, Ashland 11-2; Jake Tyler, NC d. Seth Pile, Meade 18-0; Crandle Neal, Wahama d. Hunter Jones, GW by fall 4:02; David Hastings, Will. d. Andrew Fox, Meade by fall :28Second-round consolationFox, Meade d. Redmond, NM by fall 2:50; Jones, GW d. Henry, Meade by fall 2:47; Pile, Meade d. Bird, GW by fall 1:58; Grimm, Meade d. Swift, Ashland 11-5; Sites, Ashland d. Bruce, SA by fall 2:32; Hale, SV d. Rayburn, SA by forfeit; Dempsey, Hunt. d. Hashimura, SV by fall 1:44; Worley, WW d. Messer, Hunt. 4-2182 poundsChampionship second roundTyler Arnett, NM d. R.C. Cole, Nitro by fall 1:28; Carter Capehart, Hunt. d. Akeem Brown, SA 9-1; Thomas Williams, Independence d. Hunter Davis, Ww 6-1; Drew Hicks, NC d. Tyler Sutton, Ashland by fall 1:42; Evan Kenealy, Meade d. Cody Smith, Will. by fall 1:58; Zach Richardson, Winfield d. Trevor St. John, Montgomery by fall :46; Colton Neal, Wahama d. Darrell Flynn, WW by fall 2:15; Charles Ayers, LR d. Aaron King, JC by fall :27Second-round consolationCriddle, WW d. St. John, Montgomery by fall 2:47; Smith, Will. d. Davis, Montgomery 7-0; Sutton, Ashland d. Turner, Will. by fall 1:25; Lucas, Ashland d. Davis, WW 20-7; Brown, SA d. Miles, WW by fall :33; Murphy, SA d. Cole, Nitro 3-1195 poundsChampionship second roundSam Preston, JC d. Christian Bowling, Montgomery 16-0; Ryan Walters, Nitro d. Chase Hanshaw, River. by fall 1:47; Noah Julian, Winfield d. Josh Jarvis by fall 4:13; Philip Demetrius Serevicz, Wahama d. McDowell by fall 3:02; Kyle Frazier, Buffalo d. Dylon McBride, Independence 4-2; Grant Kruger, Ashland d. JoJo Masi, Winfield by fall 2:27; Alex Crum, Logan d. Dyln Lageman, SV 6-0; Alex Hogan, Meade d. Tristen Kessler, Green. West by fall :49Second-round consolationBlackburn, Hunt. d. Kessler, Green. West by fall :36 OT; Taylor, Green. West d. Lageman, SV by fall :22; Masi, Winfield d. McFarland, SV 5-0; McBride, Independence d. Mitchell, Winfield by fall 1:45; Gavin, Independence d. McDowell, LR by fall 1:36; Jarvis, NC d. Rickard, WW by fall 4:39; Hanshaw, River. d. Haught, NC by fall 1:25; Bowling, Montgomery d. Kitchen, River. by fall 1:20220 poundsChampionship second roundNigale Cabell, Hunt. d. Andrew Scarberry, SV by fall 1:12; Jacob Shrewsburg, Independence d. Dalton Lanham, Nitro 6-3; Hunter Skeens, Nitro d. Kareem Badger, GW 2-0; Cody Loudermilk, Green. West d. Quinten Serano, Meade by fall 1:37; Chris Niece, JC d. Kyle Ayers, WW by fall 2:34; Alec Moscufo, NM d. Alan Woodall, Fairland by fall 1:50; Ryan White, Buffalo d. Aric Ooten, Logan 3-0; Tanner Adams, Ashland d. Dylan Dempsey, Hunt. by fall 2:50Second-round consolationNeil, Hunt. d. Ooten, Logan by fall 4:01; White, Logan d. Woodall, Fairland by fall 2:47; Serano, Meade d. Harmon, WW by fall 2:54; Ratcliff, Meade d. Badger, GW by fall; Lanham, Nitro d. Boggess, GW by fall 3:44; Scarberry, SV d. Collins, Nitro by fall 2:15285 poundsChampionship second roundDonavon Vance, LR d. Mitchell Fitzgerald, Hurr. by fall 3:35; Jack Skidmore, GW d. Daniel Pettry, WW 3-2 OT; Chase Blevins, JC d. Cole Webb, Chesa. 4-1; Alec Meilke, Mede d. Nick Stierwal, River. by fall 4:40; Toney Kitts, Hunt. d. Thornton Hall, NC by fall 1:05; Alex Rauch, Will. d. Ian Kelley, Montgomery by fall :41; David Smith, Nitro d. Luke Johnson, Ashland by fall 1:03; Zach Fleshman, Independence d. Jacob Moore, Buffalo 3-0Second-round consolationMoore, Buffalo d. Ramey by fall; Johnson, Ashland d. Chapman, Buffalo 9-3; Kelley, Montgomery d. Kennedy, Ashland by fall :37; Hall, NC d. Cummings, Montgomery 3-1 OT; Johnson, NC d. Stierwalt, River. by default; Webb, Chesa. d. O'Dell, River. by fall 1:53; Pettry, WW d. Davis, Chesa. 8-4; Fitzgerald, Hurr. d. Pyles, WW by fall :44
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