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Fields set for MSAC skills competitions

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- The fields have been set for the skills competitions that precede the MSAC Night of Champions on Saturday at the South Charleston Community Center.The skill events, which begin at 10 a.m., include boys and girls free-throw shooting, boys and girls 3-point shootouts, a dunking contest and a hot shot competition (one boy and one girl per school in the Mountain State Athletic Conference).Following the skills events, the games begin at 2 p.m. with the girls consolation contest pitting the second-place teams from the East and West divisions, leading up to the title games (see schedule below).Admission is $7 for students and $8 for general admission. Fans are permitted to get their hands stamped, leave and re-enter until 5 p.m. After that, another ticket must be purchased.MSAC Night of ChampionsAt South Charleston Community CenterSaturday's lineup
  • 2 p.m. - Girls second-place game: Spring Valley vs. Parkersburg
  • 4 p.m. - Boys second-place game: George Washington vs. Hurricane
  • 6 p.m. - Girls championship: George Washington vs. Huntington
  • 8 p.m. - Boys championship: South Charleston vs. Woodrow Wilson
  • Skills competitions10 a.m. SaturdayOrder of events: Boys and girls free throw shooting; boys and girls 3-point shootout; slam dunk; hot shot competition Top gun 3-point contestRules: 1 minute, 25 shots; last shot from each spot is worth 2 points; top seven make semifinals; Top 3 make finals.BoysNiles Dailey, Cabell Midland; Austin Coleman, Capital; Alex Lewis, George Washington; Chancelor Wooding, Huntington; Trey Dawson, Hurricane; Angelo Sirianni, Nitro; Chad Newell, Parkersburg; Ryan Meadows, Princeton; Drew Harpold, Ripley; Josh Butcher, Riverside; Nathan McNeil, St. Albans; Devyn Harris, South Charleston; Greg Herbert, Spring Valley; Zach Fisher, Winfield; Andrew Johnson, Woodrow WilsonGirls
    Stephanie Bias, Cabell Midland; Khadijah Lee, Capital; Rachel Ward, George Washington; Maggie Parish, Huntington; Abby Watson, Hurricane;  Madison Godbey, Nitro; Megan Morrison, Parkersburg; Mckenzie Akers, Princeton; Chelsey Hager, Ripley; Kara Knapp, Riverside; Torri Wilson, St. Albans; Lina Villanueva, South Charleston; Mackenzie Morris, Spring Valley; Cheyenne Sawyers, Winfield; Paige Lewis, Woodrow WilsonFree-throw shootingRules: Each participant gets 20 free throws; ties broken by rotating the shooter; Top 7 make semifinals; Top 3 make finalsBoysStephen Matthews, Cabell Midland; Wesley Johnson, Capital; Luke Eddy, George Washington; Arick Nicks, Huntington; Rasaan Harris, Hurricane; Hunter Ferrari, Nitro; Trevor Britton, Parkersburg; Joe Mills, Princeton; Casey Smith, Ripley; Marcus Reed, Riverside; Tanner Aliff, St. Albans; Hunter Moles, South Charleston; Austin Keyser, Spring Valley; John Hodges, Winfield; Donte Nabors, Woodrow WilsonGirls
    Alex Ellis, Cabell Midland; Eva Roberts, George Washington; Bethany Taylor, Huntington; Audrey Barber, Hurricane; Savannah Shamblin, Nitro; Imani Ward, Parkersburg; Hannah Preservati, Princeton; Jillian Mullins, Ripley; Brittany Wood, Riverside; Breanna Propst, St. Albans; Laci Jarrell, South Charleston; Emily Butcher, Spring Valley; Haeley Moore, Winfield; Kavita Francois, Woodrow WilsonHot shot competitionPoint breakdown: layup (2 points, 3 per shooter); 10-12 footer (2 points); 3-pointer (3 points); one minute per team, duo with highest point total wins
  • Cabell Midland - Grace Jarrell, Stephen Matthews
  • Capital - KeKe Walker, Carrington Morris
  • George Washington - Kelli Jo Harrison, Luke Eddy
  • Huntington - Logan Toppins, Chancelor Wooding
  • Hurricane - Abby Watson, Ian Miles
  • Nitro - Kelli Dougas, Ethan Clark
  • Parkersburg - Kennedy Walker, Dru Aldridge
  • Princeton - Marissa Mullins, Derek Jennelle
  • Ripley - Kelli Poling, Jacob Haynes
  • Riverside - Sheree Clayborn, Tyus Wood
  • St. Albans - Kaitlyn Propst, Quamise Carter
  • South Charleston - Alliyah Webb, Rashaud Kincaid
  • Spring Valley - Maddie Morris, Jacob Kilgore
  • Winfield - Morgan Eggleton, Jake Lemmerman
  • Woodrow Wilson - Kavita Francois, Chase Hancock
  • Slam dunkRules: Participant gets 1 minute with three attempts; Highest point totals advance; Top 5 make semifinals; Top 3 make finals.Participants: Niles Dailey, Cabell Midland; Arick Nicks, Huntington; Henry Sorsaia, Hurricane; Nick Light, Riverside; Kevic Watkins, St. Albans; Issac Cosby, South Charleston; Chris Turner, Winfield.Academic awardsGirl and boy participating in one or more sports with highest grade-point average
  • Cabell Midland - Alyssa Morris, swimming, 4.7; Joseph Newfeld, swimming, tennis, 4.7
  • Capital - Anna Auvil, soccer, 4.7; Shayan Shafii, soccer, 4.5
  • George Washington - Mouaz Haffar, track, soccer, 4.8; Katelyn Campbell, cross country, 4.8; Hannah Shreve, volleyball, 4.8; Andrew Sivaprakasam, cross country, 4.8
  • Huntington - Audrey McFarland, cross country, track, 4.7; John McGee, cross country, track, 4.8
  • Hurricane - Vivian Yao, tennis, 4.4; Jordan Chapman, tennis, 4.34
  • Nitro - Annie Johnson, soccer, swimming, 3.9; Lee Klocke, soccer, basketball, 4.3
  • Parkersburg - Jaylynn Millwood, basketball, 4.08; Joanna Bever, basketball, 4.08; Lucas Goodwin, baseball 4.0
  • Princeton - Jessica Inman, basketball, soccer, NA; Joseph Mills, basketball, 4.3
  • Ripley - Ali Cunningham, cross country, basketball, softball, track, 4.2; Andrew Mellert, football, track, 4.2
  • Riverside - Sara Winter, volleyball, softball, 4.3; Draven Doss, cross country, 4.2
  • St. Albans - Kierston Looney, swimming. 4.2; Tyler Robinson, football, 4.2
  • South Charleston - Meredith Cain, volleyball, softball, 4.5; Samuel McMinn, golf, tennis, 4.5
  • Spring Valley - Sara Brumbaugh, soccer, 4.0; Brooke Burgess, soccer, 4.0; Kaitlin Merritt, soccer, 3.9; Kaleb Frye, baseball, 3.9
  • Winfield - Erin Midkiff, soccer, 4.0; Preston Sheldon, soccer, track, 3.8
  • Woodrow Wilson - Emily Ernest, volleyball, 4.1; Drew Wooldridge, soccer, 4.0
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