Girls basketball -- St. Albans High School Shootout results, schedule

St. Albans High SchoolSummer ShootoutTuesday's resultsGeorge Washington 1 46, Princeton 18
Scott 31, Riverside 15St. Albans 1 49. Gilmer County 24Tolsia 44, Robert C. Byrd 40Bridgeport 34, Clay County 21Sissonville 60, East Fairmont 20St .Albans 1 45, Riverside 17Princeton 39, Gilmer County 7George Washington 1 46, Scott 26Bridgeport 38, Sissonville 34Tolsia 39, East Fairmont 29Robert C. Byrd 34, Clay County 29
Scott 48, Gilmer County 21St. Albans 1 42, George Washington 1 30Riverside 28, Princeton 26Clay County 35, East Fairmont 33Sissonville 40, Robert C. Byrd 36Tolsia 47, Bridgeport 40
Winfield 2 32, St. Albans 2 15Huntington 46, Nitro 34North Marion 1 48, Capital 37Preston 35, Parkersburg 30Pocahontas 2 34, McKinley 20Fairmont Sr. 34, Herbert Hoover 22Ritchie County 28, Richwood 15North Marion 2 58, Roane County 17Pocahontas 1 49, Winfield 2 26North Marion 34, Parkersburg 28Huntington 48, Preston 38Capital 53, Nitro 42George Washington 58, Pocahontas 2 23Pocahontas 1 35, Richwood 14Fairmont Sr. 48, Roane County 13Herbert Hoover 36, Ritchie County 24North Marion 2 41, St. Albans 2 12Capital 43, Preston 33Parkersburg 57, Nitro 30North Marion 1 54, Huntington 51Winfield 2 24, Pocahontas 2 8Ritchie County 45, Roane County 9Pocahontas 1 35, Herbert Hoover 26Fairmont Sr. 42, Richwood 10George Washington 2 55, North Marion 2 25Today's schedule9 a.m.Preston vs. South Charleston (St. Albans main gym)Fairmont Sr. vs. Hurricane (St. Albans auxiliary gym)North Marion vs. Winfield (Ayash Sports Complex)9:50 a.m.Notre Dame vs. Clay County (St. Albans main gym)Parkersburg Catholic vs. Roane County (St. Albans auxiliary gym)Charleston Catholic vs. Pocahontas 1 (Ayash Sports Complex)Richwood vs. North Marion 2 (McKinley)10:40 a.m.Hurricane vs. North Marion 1(St. Albans main gym)Winfield vs. Preston (St. Albans auxiliary gym)South Charleston vs. Fairmont Sr. (Ayash Sports Complex)11:30 a.m.Charleston Catholic vs. North Marion 2 (St. Albans main gym)Richwood vs. Notre Dame (St. Albans auxiliary gym)Clay County vs. Parkersburg Catholic (Ayash Sports Complex)Roane County vs. Pocahontas (McKinley)12:20 p.m.Winfield vs. Fairmont Sr. (St. Albans main gym)North Marion vs. South Charleston (St. Albans auxiliary gym)Hurricane vs. Preston (Ayash Sports Complex)1:10 p.m.Parkersburg Catholic vs. Pocahontas 1 (St. Albans main gym)Notre Dame vs. North Marion 2 (St. Albans auxiliary gym)Richwood vs. Roane County (Ayash Sports Complex)Charleston Catholic vs. Clay County (McKinley)2 p.m.Westside vs. George Washington (St. Albans main gym)Parkersburg South vs. Huntington (St. Albans auxiliary gym)Ironton vs. Huntington St. Joseph (Ayash Sports Complex)Pocahontas 2 vs. St. Albans 2 (McKinley)2:50 p.m.Gilmer County vs. Poca (St. Albans main gym)Ripley vs. Scott (St. Albans auxiliary gym)Braxton County vs. Tolsia (Ayash Sports Complex)Lincoln County vs. Chapmanville (McKinley)3:40 p.m.Huntington St. Joseph vs. Parkersburg South (St. Albans main gym)George Washington vs. Ironton (St. Albans auxiliary gym)Huntington vs. Westside (Ayash Sports Complex)Tolsia 2 vs. Pocahontas 2 (McKinley)4:30 p.m.Tolsia vs. Ripley (St. Albans main gym)Chapmanville vs. Braxton County (St. Albans auxiliary gym)Poca vs. Lincoln County (Ayash Sports Complex)Scott vs. Gilmer County (McKinley)5:20 p.m.Ironton vs. Huntington (St. Albans main gym)George Washington vs. Huntington St. Joseph (St. Albans auxiliary gym)Parkersburg South vs. Westside (Ayash Sports Complex)6:10 p.m.Scott vs. Braxton County (St. Albans main gym)Lincoln County vs. Tolsia (St. Albans auxiliary gym)Gilmer County vs. Chapmanville (Ayash Sports Complex)Ripley vs. Poca (McKinley)
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