Prep soccer standings, stats -- Sept. 16

Kanawha ValleyHigh school soccerStandings, statisticsGirls
Pos-School Rec1. Charleston Catholic 10-0-02. Winfield 9-0-03. Hurricane 6-0-04. Sissonville 8-0-15. George Washington 7-1-06. Herbert Hoover 5-2-17. Riverside 5-3-08. Capital 4-5-19. St. Albans 3-4-110. Nitro 2-5-0
11. Poca 1-8-112. South Charleston 0-7-0Goals scoredPlayer, School GoalsCaroline Dundervill, CC 20Madison Jones, Siss. 16
Jayne Lawman, Win. 15Karli Pinkerton, Siss. 14Ally Reeves, Cap. 14Peyton Keener, CC 13Audrey Barber, Hurr. 11Sophie Bumgarner, CC 11Emilee Henry, HH 10Mary Lawman, Win. 9Payton Mullen, CC 9Elena Pomponio, Cap. 9Abby Watson, Hurr. 8Mackenzie Pritt, Win. 7 Autumn Griggs, Nitro 6Harley Hutchins, Poca 6Maddie McDermitt, River. 6Hannah Myers, SA 6BoysPos-School Rec1. George Washington 7-0-02. Charleston Catholic 5-0-23. Hurricane 6-1-14. Sissonville 6-1-25. South Charleston 5-2-16. St. Albans 4-2-17. Winfield 4-3-18. Capital 3-5-09. Riverside 2-5-110. Nitro 2-5-011. Herbert Hoover 1-5-0Goals scoredPlayer, School GoalsGuillermo Ugarte, Hurr. 17Jack Wiles, SA 16Joey Trupo, CC 15Loran Meadows, Hurr. 13Cameron Norris, River. 9Josh Rawson, Siss. 7Drew Davis, GW 6Chase McVey, Siss. 6Jared Butler, SC 5Daniel Glines, GW 5Jesse Weese, HH 5Kwesi Wilkerson, SC 5NOTE: Monday's games not included. Stats may be sent to, 304-348-1740 (fax) or 304-348-4811 (phone) before 4 p.m. on Mondays. 
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