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BC-MCT-BUSINESS-BJT _ business editors (1250 words)

McClatchy-Tribune News ServiceBusiness Budget for Monday, October 3, 2011Updated at 9:45 a.m. EDT (1345 UTC)This budget is now available on MCT Direct at, with direct links to stories and art. See details at the end of the budget.TOP STORIES
Baschoff was laid off during the financial crisis of 2008 and hasn't found steady work since. The family lost one home to foreclosure and was evicted from two rentals. Though they're still in Lake Bluff - a relative is paying the rent on a modest ranch house - they must rely heavily on charity and the government for food, health care and other necessities.''When I'm around the parents of my kids' friends or teammates, every guy I look at, it's like, 'I wonder what he does? What does he make? Why can't I do it?' " said Baschoff, 56, a barrel-chested, bespectacled man whose sandpaper voice betrays his South Jersey roots. "I feel so out of place. I feel like a misfit."Though the recession has been hardest on low-income Americans, it is also present in some of the most affluent ZIP codes. Tales abound of formerly well-off families that have been tossed into an economic tailspin.1650 (with trims) by John Keilman in Chicago. MOVEDPHOTOSWeak economy destroys wealth, affecting some more than others
PFP-MINORITIES-WEALTH:DA_The Austins are far from the only ones struggling. Many Americans have seen much of their wealth vanish in the past four years as a severe recession, widespread joblessness and plunging home prices have vaporized trillions of dollars in net worth.1300 (with trims) by Christina Rosales and Brendan Case in Dallas. DIVERSITY. MOVEDPHOTOSLow-interest CDs eat into retiree nest eggsPFP-CD-INTERESTRATES:FL_
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