Yeager Airport revises marketing plan

In light of changes within the aviation industry, Yeager Airport officials and board members updated the airport’s long-term marketing plan during the board’s meeting Tuesday.

Airport Director Rick Atkinson said some highlights of the plan include partnerships with Boy Scouts of America for travel related to The Summit: Bechtel Family Scout Reserve and with the Professional Golfers’ Association and rental car companies for travel related to The Greenbrier Classic golf tournament.

“Our focus is fairly simple – it’s things we know that work,” he said.

In addition, the marketing plan includes a social media component.

Atkinson used the example of Yeager advertising sale prices for Myrtle Beach flights on its social media websites in recent weeks. He said one of the best response days saw 65 tickets sold at the airport.

Board member Priscilla Haden said the marketing plan had not been updated since 2008.

The airport board also:

• Discussed the progress of the hilltop removal project underway at the southern end of the airport’s main runway.

Board member Charlie Jones said crews have begun lowering the height of the hill in a few places.

“I would say the job... is going along pretty well,” he said.

Atkinson said some brush burning will continue for about another week, and there haven’t been any complaints about the work.

The hilltop removal project is necessary so that the airport can comply with Federal Aviation Administration guidelines that mandate aircraft to achieve a certain height after takeoff.

Board members briefly discussed the possibility of developing the flattened hill when work is complete, though no formal action was taken.

• Learned the airport had any and all of its above-ground storage tanks analyzed by SNS Engineering following the Jan. 9 Elk River chemical leak.

Assistant Airport Director Terry Sayre said the only concerns that came out of the review were 275-gallon containers that store glycol, a deicing agent. He said the airport will construct a small building to house those containers.

“All of our other storage facilities were in proper working order,” he said.

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