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Symphony style show reveal

Photo courtesy of Jeff Pierson.
Meet Viola, the new face of the West Virginia Symphony League Fashion Show. Designed by Jeff Pierson she represents music, fashion and color.

The West Virginia Symphony League revealed the new “face” of its annual fashion show during an April 1 big reveal at Sephora in the Charleston Town Center.

Viola, a lithe, hand-drawn illustration of a youthful blonde, was designed by local artist Jeff Pierson.

She is his vision of a marriage between music and classic fashion illustration.

Pierson hand-mixed the paint for Viola’s gown to perfectly match Pantone’s color of the year, Radiant Orchid, the same color the Symphony League has chosen as the theme hue of this year’s show. Somewhere between fuschia and purple, Pantone describes it as “universally flattering.”

Viola represents “a piece of the old and the new,” said Crystal Good, co-chair of the West Virginia Symphony League.

“In a world where digital imagery is so prevalent, this throw-back to fashion history also speaks to the 75th anniversary of the WVSO and the over 50 year history of this fashion show,” she added.

Look for Pierson’s image to be branded throughout the league’s advertising campaign. It is featured on the official posters along with the event’s logo, designed by Amanda Easter of InsideOut Creative. Both artists donated their time and artistic talents to the fund raiser.

More information on the upcoming fashion show can be found at

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