Readers’ voice: April 3, 2014

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Since the Affordable Care Act became law, the GOP has tried to destroy it. I wonder what they will do if it is a success, as it now appears it will be? They will probably follow their standard policy and try to take credit for it.

The Republican Party does not want all Americans to vote, they just want white Christian Americans to vote. If all Americans vote, as they should in a real democracy, they lose. So, by definition, Republicans are un-American.

If death is not a metamorphosis into what we will be or be a part of, what is the purpose of life?

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin displayed his true colors when he used his veto to show that he totally supports the liberal Democratic Party platform rather than support the will of the Legislature and the majority of West Virginia voters.

Hurricane can’t afford a permit for reservoir, official says. Hurricane now knows how private industry feels.

Mark Plants is a big bully. Violence teaches violence. Put him in jail for a year.

Third shooting on the West Side this week. Evidently, no one needs a permit to carry a gun anymore because everybody carries one now.

Why does St. Albans need a humane officer that drives around all day talking on a cellphone and smoking in a taxpayer-funded truck? Also, did St. Albans move one of their city offices to the east end of Lincoln Avenue? There’s a city vehicle parked there most of the day also.

The sacred gift of liberty from our creator is being sacrificed at the altar of big government We must not continue to compromise our constitutional principles and rights to the whims of career politicians. Look around you, like what you see? If not, exercise your right to vote.

I see where someone called Danny Jones “a big ol’ liberal.” That’s probably the nicest thing anyone could say about him.

The Republican strategy for getting votes in West Virginia: Ignore the real issues of jobs and the economy and keep screaming about God, gays, guns, and the big lies about President Obama. Those who never read and reason will jump on the GOP bandwagon and vote against their own best interests. The Republicans must be laughing all the way to the bank (with your money).

One of the greatest sports events we have left is college athletics. These athletes pay for playing is obtaining an education without having to push burgers after class. If they are allowed to unionize, you will find these self-indulgent, chest-pounding egotists threatening to strike if things do not go their way.

The House Majority PAC ads against Evan Jenkins are an out-and-out lie. Television stations should either refuse to run such ads, or run a disclaimer immediately after the ads that would enlighten the viewing public to the actual truth.

Sandy Wells produced another great interview with Bob Gray. I never met him but appreciate his focus on staying healthy and enjoying this new chapter in his life. Let’s have more heartwarming stories and cease the overkill on the same subjects.

If I was awake during the George W. Bush presidency and didn’t notice the 9/11 attacks, the two wars, the tax cuts for the rich, and the worst recession since the Great Depression, I would question my intellect.

The governor’s veto has saved the lives of those who would have been denied health care for their special problem. Thanks for the veto, Gov. Tomblin, and not caving in to ignorance expressed by non-medical personnel.

As your editorial says, West Virginia to stop denying loving, committed couples and families the freedom to spend their life with the person they love. In fairness to the rest of us, though, do not change the definition of marriage that has been in use throughout recorded history. Marriage is between a man and a woman. Any other union should be called by another name.

With all these victims being stabbed lately, maybe the Gazette should have in Saturday’s paper “Bearing Knives in WV.”

The U.S. was rated 35th in the world in health care. Costs spiraled out of control. Republicans did nothing. They still have no plan. Thanks to Obamacare, millions now have care, costs are coming under control, the insurance companies no longer call the shots, and we’re joining the civilized world when it comes to a modern health-care system.

At McDonald’s a sausage biscuit is $1, but with an egg it’s $2.79! Why do eggs at McDonald’s cost $22 per dozen?

I’m certainly waiting on Ms. Capito’s reply to Mr. Wyatt’s column in the Gazette on March 28 concerning the benefits of the Affordable Care Act. I don’t believe we’ll see her address the facts in his column, as she normally toes the GOP line and doesn’t think for herself.

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