Gazzopolis: New ‘RFC Mini Show’ features Project Biscotti

New ‘RFC Mini Show’ features Project Biscotti

The April Fool’s week edition of the “RFC MINI SHOW,” available online now at, is full of surprises.

The show is devoted to Project Biscotti, a not-safe-for-work Charleston band with a raw punk-cabaret sound that evokes Captain Beefheart. Don’t get too smitten with the group, though. It recently announced its breakup — making this show, recorded March 1 at Kanawha Players’ Rock ‘N’ Roll Theater, its last. You can see it almost in its entirety. (The camera batteries ran out on the next-to-last song.)

Also, host Rudy Panucci promises a “tiny bonus” after the show’s end credits — which turns out to be 45 minutes of extra live material, making this “mini” show much longer than most full episodes of “Radio Free Charleston.”

The core members of Project Biscotti are now pulling the strings for The Revolving Doors. Look for them on an upcoming “Radio Free Charleston” episode.

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