Scriptures Cafe to open in Kanawha City

Scriptures Cafe owners Kevin and Tonya Pauley and their children (from left) Cheyenne, 15, Alexus, 17, Tristin, 9, and Trent, 11, in the new, remodeled cafe. The family put a West Virginia spin on the crepe cafe. Scriptures Cafe in Kanawha City opens Saturday.

Kevin and Tonya Pauley are putting a West Virginia spin on crepes.

The Pauleys are the third couple to run a Kanawha City crepe cafe now called Scriptures Cafe. Its first day of business is Saturday.

“I’m trying to widen the menu without getting too crazy to where anybody would like what they get hopefully,” Kevin Pauley said.

The menu will feature new creations like a jalapeño popper crepe and buffalo chicken crepe, coupled with old favorites like the Greek crepe and breakfast crepes.

“Most of these crepes were created by [my family] making them at home,” Kevin Pauley said. “From trial and error as a family — I have four kids and they all like different things.”

Pauley is looking forward to serving up experiments like the strawberry and avocado crepe, banana split crepe and espresso mouse crepe while meeting members of the community.

He reached out to Manoli Staurulakis who started the cafe with his wife Aoleen in 2010. The two now run Pizza Barbarossa and Creperi Cafe in the South Ridge area.

“With Manoli I needed to know how you actually spin the crepe on that little thing you do,” Kevin Pauley said. “The trick is to be gentle because when you start pushing down in that crepe it spreads the batter quick.”

Manoli wished him luck and said the business did well for his family, Kevin Pauley said.

“We talked about life more than anything else,” Kevin Pauley added.

The cafe will be the first business Pauley runs but it won’t be his first time in the food business.

When Pauley was 17 his parents brought home a McDonald’s application. He worked his way up the corporate ladder in various restaurants since, from McDonald’s to Chilli’s to becoming regional manager for Penn Station.

He planned to go to college after the summer ended but never made it.

“I stuck with McDonald’s as long as I did and made something of myself there,” Pauley said.

His wife Tonya has also been in the food business for about 20 years with a three-year break in retail and merchandising.

She’s looking forward to working with her husband and kids. The family will run the cafe themselves.

The cafe will sell more than just crepes and coffee. The paintings and other wall decorations in the cafe, along with candles and T-shirts will be available to purchase.

“I need something else to entertain me,” Tonya Pauley said. “From being in food for so long I need something else than food.”

Running a cafe is a natural fit for the two but Kevin Pauley said his passion for the business has deeper roots.

“I’m not looking to make a fortune,” Kevin Pauley said. “I’m just looking to serve a purpose.”

Kevin recently returned to church and committed himself to Christ. Since then he’s been searching for his calling.

The cafe was almost named Hallelujah Cafe but it didn’t match the retail component of the business, Kevin Pauley said.

“It would be stupid for me to sell myself solely on a crepe,” Kevin Pauley said. “I decided to give the city something that it didn’t have, which is a peaceful place where someone could come and enjoy themselves and center the motif around a religious aspect.”

Cafe cups will bear Scriptures Cafe and a different bible scripture.

“It’s not my business when it leaves my door,” Kevin Pauley said. “I’m not looking to preach to anybody. I’m just looking to get the Bible into the world one scripture at a time.”

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