Readers’ voice: April 4, 2014

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This is to the reader who asked why black Americans support Democrats rather than Republicans when it was Lincoln who freed them from slavery. Could it be because Lincoln was the LAST Republican president to do anything for black Americans? Besides, current Republicans bear little resemblance to Republicans like Eisenhower or Nixon, much less Lincoln.

Two ways to solve the shootings in Wild, Wild West Charleston. Lock them all up until the end of time, or take them all out to a place where they can’t hurt anyone else, provide them guns and let them shoot it out to the end. Either way, problem solved.

I was also wide awake during the Bush years. I still 100 percent believe that Bush was still the worst ever president. That just shows how really bad he was.

If Obamacare is saving you money you’re probably receiving subsidies to help pay for it. Others are paying more for theirs to cover your subsidies. That’s redistribution of wealth. First step to socialism.

Residents of Riverlake Estates and Riverlawn have a new water line courtesy of St. Albans, but Pennsylvania Avenue is now full of potholes and turning to gravel. Houses have fresh water but cars are being torn apart traveling the road.

I’m pretty sure that Darrell McGraw’s “trinkets” didn’t cost near as much as Morrisey’s deals to promote himself using our taxpayer dollars. At least McGraw passed his “trinkets” out to us taxpayers. What do we get from Morrisey ... stories making him look good?

It seems that Joe was in such a rush to get his mug shot on a mine safety documentary (something e knows nothing about) that he got used by one of his old buddies. Now Don Blankenship is having the last laugh

Here is my prediction. Next year the Legislature will raise the state gas tax and other fees in order to fix our terrible roads. But the delegates and state senators will use the money for pet projects and our existing roads will remain terrible.

“Why are folks working so hard for people to not have health insurance? Why are they so mad about the idea of people having health insurance?” (President Obama this past Tuesday). Damn good question.

Joe Manchin is upset with Don Blankenship for misrepresenting him ... not unlike what Gayle Manchin and her puppets did to Jorea Marple. Now Phares wants to retire as state superintendent of schools. Which Manchin puppet/relative is next in line for that job? Maybe a cousin? Stay tuned.

Your survey ask if people should be allowed to carry guns into city-owned recreation centers. No they should not. But, there are many other locations that have signs up stating that guns are not allowed. I personally would not trust a city-owned locker in a city-owned building. I’d leave my legally registered gun in my car if I were going into the rec center. Sounds like the Teamsters want to start whining and complaining about negotiations before the bargaining even starts.

One can understand why Mark Plants doesn’t want to look glum or concerned when being arraigned, but his forced smile throughout the process gives the impression he thinks the whole thing is a joke. He would do well to wipe that smirky grin off his face.

Well, Coal Broker Sen. Joe Manchin got suckered by Big Coal Baron Blankenship. Now you have got a small taste of what everyone in West Virginia feels. Get ya some of that Joe.

“Phares arrived in his job shortly after the board embraced the bulk of a sweeping review that found the state education system heavy with state-level staffers and policies made inflexible by laws, but light on student achievement.” The West Virginia Dept of Education is still top heavy with staff and light on student achievement. They have implemented none of the governor’s appointed board’s suggestions to trim the department.

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