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Supreme Court favors more political cash

Conservatives on the U.S. Supreme Court just made it easier for U.S. billionaires and millionaires to buy American elections. Wednesday’s narrow 5-4 ruling allows the rich to pour huge sums into politics — and elect right-wingers to serve the wealthy instead of average Americans.

The Republican National Committee sought this ruling that wipes out most limits on campaign gifts, because the GOP knows that super-rich donors mostly support Republicans.

In the past, the wealthy could donate only $123,200 per election cycle (although they could give unlimited cash to special-interest committees that buy smear ads). Now they can donate up to $3.6 million.

“The U.S. Supreme Court must enjoy crooked elections,” commented the Asbury Park Press in New Jersey, saying the decision “opens the door wider to the purchase of public office. The New York Times said the high court “continued its crusade to knock down all barriers to the distorting power of money on American elections.” It said the ruling “is less about free speech than about giving those few people with the most money the loudest voice in politics. The real losers are the vast majority of average Americans without barrels of cash to dump on elections.”

Idealists hope that thinking Americans will ignore the deluge of slanted, self-serving, half-true smears that flood television at election time. But the record is clear that these dishonest spots win elections. Remember the “Swift Boat” slander that wrecked Democrat John Kerry in the 2004 presidential election?

Now the U.S. Supreme Court has unleashed a vast expansion of such propaganda, funded by the rich. It’s a disgusting perversion of America’s democracy.

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