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Hats off to Eagle Scout Cory Reimert

Cory Reimert of Nitro spent part of last summer at Top Sail Beach, N.C., with his family and a youth group from St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church in Charleston. But on the morning of July 14, his day at the beach almost turned tragic.

While having fun in the ocean, the tide suddenly became stronger. He and his mother noticed a group of kids farther out in the water and the kids were in trouble.

Reimert ran through the churning surf toward the screaming children.

Through the surging sea, he brought the children back to shore, as befits a Boy Scout with merit badges in swimming, emergency preparedness and life saving.

In June, “Boy’s Life” magazine will recount Reimert’s heroism, which earned him only the 277th Honor Medal with Crossed Palms from the Boy Scouts. On May 17, he will formally receive his Eagle Scout ranking.

Hats off to a hero, and to his parents, Ronald and Kelly Reimert, who raised him right.

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