Pets of the Week: Companions sometimes stubborn, feisty

By By Maria Young
Staff writer
Photo courtesy of DOROTHY KING
Gypsy Girl King
Photo courtesy of ALLISON LEWIS
Audrey Hepburn
Photo courtesy of BETHANY RUEDIGER
Photo courtesy of JOANNE BECKETT
Photo courtesy of JOHN CARNELL

Gypsy Girl King is a mixed-breed cat between 16 and 17 years of age, which in human years puts her somewhere north of 85, and gives her something in common with Dorothy King, who recently celebrated her 90th birthday.

“Gypsy and I enjoy being told ‘You don’t look that old!’” Dorothy said.

Gypsy Girl was rescued in 2006 at the Kanawha/Charleston animal shelter and “makes the perfect companion and pet,” according to her happy owner.

Ellie is mostly likely part Corgi and part Jack Russell, or “Cojack,” said John Carnell. She was adopted from a shelter at just 8 weeks of age, and makes herself at home in Hurricane these days.

“As you can see, that is her chair — no one else can sit there. She makes herself quite comfortable in it,” he added.

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you! Crackers was a stray cat who didn’t do much to help himself out when he was found on the Greenbrier River Trail in Pocahontas County.

“We stopped to give him peanut butter crackers from our bag,” reports Joanne Beckett, of Clendenin.

Unfortunately, when eating, “He bit my son,” she added, and the family was afraid of the possibility of rabies.

“We were six miles from town on a very remote section of the bike trail. We stuffed him in our cooler and rode back to Marlinton and called animal control.”

After a 10-day quarantine and no signs of rabies, Crackers went to the Pocahontas County Animal Shelter and eventually ended up with Beckett and her family.

“Four months after Crackers came to our home, our 15-year-old beagle, who we had since he was 8 weeks old, passed away. Yes, we rescued Crackers, but he rescued us during a most difficult time,” she said.

Brutus is a 3-year-old beagle who lives with Bethany Ruediger in Charleston.

She captions his photo, “What, do I have something on my nose?”

Bethany reports that Brutus was a victim of animal cruelty with his previous owners but now lives a happy, spoiled life.

Audrey Hepburn lives on — and apparently, she loves bones!

As far as anyone can tell, Audrey is a 4-year-old miniature schnauzer mix who was rescued from the Kanawha/Charleston Humane Society in June 2012 and now lives with Allison Lewis.

“Her talents are, sitting so close to your face that you suspect she’s trying to steal your soul, tap dancing when she realizes she’s going on a car ride, and making everyone who comes to my door her best friend,” Lewis said.

She is also, we’re told, a “world-class rawhide bone hog” who gets upset when another dog — no matter how big — has the rawhide bones she wants. “Then starts the barking,” she said.

“Many have witnessed her barking at dogs 10 times her size until they get sick of hearing her, drop the bone and walk away.”

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