Your vents for April 7, 2014

n What qualifications does Gayle Manchin have in order to be the president of the state Board of Education?

n Listen and read way more and talk way less. You will benefit and so will the world.

n I’d like to ask the Kanawha County Board of Education what they are going to do about the laughing stock in eastern Kanawha County, otherwise known as Riverside High School. They need to change it from the top down. There is no respect, discipline or pride.

n My doctor is closing his office due to new medical regulations. He would never get back the money it takes to computerize all of his files. I’ll miss him.

n Shame on the person who condemned the entire dental program for children in need because of one mistake. They probably condemn Obamacare too. You are probably a Republican because you have the “got mine so to heck with everyone else” mindset.

n I’m calling about the meteorologists who continually mention Logan, West Virginia all the time. There are lots of other towns besides Logan.

n CAMC thinks we owe them something. They don’t realize it is the other way around. If we entrust our health and lives to them they owe us the best possible, cost-effective care they can give -- like any other business out there.

n Can the Citizens of Eastern Kanawha County vote to let Fayette County annex to Belle and Cabin Creek? This way it would not be taxation with out representation.

n As business leaves Eastern Kanawha County, the crime and drugs will only go up. I can only pray and hope the Kanawha County commissioners will not turn their back on the citizens of Eastern Kanawha County.

n I don’t understand why people think extreme gun control is the answer. My children have been taught from an early age about guns and gun use, as was I. Criminals will be able to get their hands on guns no matter what. The question is, do you want to be able to protect yourself in your own home? I know I sure do.

n Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., defends Caterpillar’s tax evasion policy, saying they should get an award, for shafting the American government out of $2.4 billion in taxes since 2000. Since Caterpillar gets this free ride, that means we have to pick up the slack. This shows once again that all the Republicans care about is screwing America.

n As much as Danny Jones loves raising taxes I think he is more Democrat than Republican.

n The Republican Party does not want all Americans to vote, they just want white Christian Americans to vote. If all Americans vote, as they should in a real democracy, they lose. So, by definition, Republicans are un-American.

n If death is not a metamorphosis into what we will be or be a part of, what is the purpose of life?

n Just curious, did the shooter(s) on Charleston’s West Side hill recently have a concealed weapons permit, or were the guns illegal? When you report news of shootings it would be interesting to know if the perpetrator’s gun is illegal since you always report if a concealed weapons holder was involved.

n Have any of Gayle Manchin’s literacy initiatives over the years ever been successful?

n The Republican strategy for getting votes in West Virginia: Ignore the real issues of jobs and the economy and keep screaming about God, gays, guns, and the big lies about President Obama.

n We have a new class of domestic terrorists. Angry, conservative, Christian white males, using the so-called “stand-your-ground” laws and unlimited access to guns, feel free to shoot anybody they want.

n Worried about kids being shot in recreation centers now? As if it wasn’t a threat before? Responsible gun owners aren’t the issue. Local scum is the problem. The mayor needs to clean up the city.

n College athletes want to unionize and play for pay? Here’s an idea: there are five branches of service that would pay you to play. They furnish a multitude of games that will offer all sorts opportunities for you to flash your skills. Of course, there are some risks involved. 

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