Help offered for ACA sign-up

West Virginians who have begun the process of obtaining health insurance under the provisions of the Affordable Care Act are invited to attend an enrollment session from noon to 6 p.m. Wednesday at Highland Hospital, 300 56th Street, S.E.

Those who started their application have until midnight April 15 to finish the enrollment process to avoid a penalty of 1 percent of their income. Some people will be eligible for coverage under the expanded Medicaid program. For example, a family of four with annual income of $32,913 or less could qualify for Medicaid coverage.

Highland Hospital, Advanced Patient Advocacy and TSG Consulting, working under a cooperative agreement with the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, will have assisters available to help people finish applications, navigate complicated tax and household situations, begin the appeal process, file for exemptions and understand health plan details.

More information is available at The site includes guidelines for programs, tax incentives, health plans and calculators to determine approximate costs and savings. It also includes resources for enrollment help, an overview of facts and other information about the Affordable Care Act.

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