Readers’ Voice: April 8, 2014

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Has Robin Rector forgotten the purpose of Kanawha County schools? I was under the impression it was to educate students, not to prepare them for a test.

Why are area hospitals spending lots of money advertising on TV? Is there a shortage of injured or ill people? Should I try to help by trying to spread disease or hurt someone? We could try having all the concealed-carry permit people shoot someone once a week, that might be the solution.

After all the GOP hoopla, what is their alternative to the Affordable Care Act? All we hear is they want to repeal it, but they never say what they will put in its place to insure health care to millions. I suspect that they have no plan, they really don’t care if the average American has health care at all.

Please explain to us how requiring an ID at the polling place will deny anybody the right to vote.

Have to love the clueless people who think Obamacare is free because the federal government is funding it. Where the feds get the money never seems to enter their minds.

The Beatles knock-off band, the Liverpool Legends, played at UC for $35 ticket. Two nights later, they played at Concord for $10 at ticket. Why is UC ripping off the public?

Isn’t it interesting that Hobby Lobby is against contraceptives except when they can make a profit off it. The company’s investment portfolio is chock full of companies that are invested in developing, marketing and selling contraceptives. Can you say hypocrite?

The duly elected president of Ukraine was forced flee for his life after a coup d’etat on Feb 22. The U.S. and Britain are already supporting the illegitimate government, but Ukrainians are now protesting the new government. Lets stay away from this mess.

Kudos to Sen. Palumbo and the 12 local delegates who supported legislation to make municipal gun laws uniform, instead of a silly hodgepodge. Boo to Delegates Poore, Guthrie, Wells, of Kanawha County.

Every citizen in West Virginia should have a chance to read a recent article in The New Yorker magazine written by Evan Osnos. It explains in detailed some of the reasons behind the recent chemical leak that ruined the water supply for so many people. It also goes into detailed analysis on how the right-wing conservatives of the Republican Party has bought the government of West Virginia and has been able to turn it into a red state.

Note to Gayle Manchin: Dr. Phil says “The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.” That does not bode well for fairness or daylight in the hiring of a new superintendent. Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

“Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied.” — Otto von Bismarck

I have been a Republican all my 88 years and I can’t believe the attacks on Sen. Manchin. While he has tried to enact some remedies to the ill-conceived ACA he is accused, first, of voting for it and, secondly, of being against it. He is one of the free-thinking representatives in Washington trying to keep us out of bankruptcy instead of spend, spend, spend.

Voting corrupt Democrats out doesn’t mean vote for highly corrupt Republicans. It means vote for honest progressive Democrats who hold values of the Democratic Party. Dems against deceivers promoting jobs for pollution, no taxes destroying bridges, roads, schools — a nuclear bomb could not have done a better job.

Since the state doesn’t seem willing to tax industries hauling our natural resources for out- of-state interests and destroying our roads, we should take a cue from Colorado and start a new campaign, “Pot for Potholes.” Maybe then we could afford to not only fix our roads, but maybe even have berms, like every other civilized state around us.

Poor Joe Manchin. That big bad Don Blankenship made him look silly. He’s been wallowing in the same old pig sty as Don for so long. Now, when the wind blows and we get that hog farm aroma in our noses, we can’t say which one of these hogs is sneaking up on us this time.

The Paul Ryan budget, passed by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, would repeal the Affordable Care Act, turn Medicare into a voucher system, give another tax break to the wealthy, raise taxes on the middle class an average of $2,000, and cut funding for education, medical research, job training and food stamps. We should be thankful this piece of garbage doesn’t have a chance of passing in the Senate or being signed into law by President Obama.

While I believe that our government has an obligation to provide for anyone in need, I also believe that those who make the choice to accept public assistance should be treated as a ward of the state complete with drug and alcohol testing and with limits on what may be possessed which should not include cable television, $400 cell phones, mall clothes, or expensive pets, all of which can be seen in every single housing project in this state.

I am a Republican and I will be voting against all people that say we should repeal Obamacare.

Would someone from the city of St. Albans or Kanawha County Board of Education care to explain why they allow open containers and alcohol at the party at corner of Washington and Hudson every time there is a baseball game?

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