dogSOLDIER back again

This week’s RFC MINI SHOW is devoted to dogSOLDIER, who will be playing at the Blue Parrot this Friday, April 11, with Twist of Fate. You can see it now at The Popcult Blog (

The band was recorded at The Empty Glass a few weeks ago. It had been over five years and 140 episodes of Radio Free Charleston since dogSOLDIER had been on the show. In the interim, the band had split up, reforming late in 2013 with a slightly-altered line up that includes Justin Johnson, Chris Burdette, Jody Ashley, and Brent Brubaker.

With their musical territory staked out somewhere between Led Zepplin and Radiohead, dogSOLDIER creates timeless music that is truly remarkable. This band is so musically tight that it’s hard to believe they just reformed a few scant months ago. Check out two original songs by the band on this week’s RFC MINI SHOW, then you can see for yourself this Friday night at The Blue Parrot.

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