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Your Vents, Friday, April 11

* In the past two years before this water episode my water bill has been $23.05. Now since that episode it is much higher. Is the water company trying to rip somebody off?

* When the water bill goes up your sanitation bill goes up too. Well, with the water bill going up the sanitation bill went up $10. There should be some kind of adjustment there because this is a charge for service and not a water bill.

* If you are working for the state, unless you are in one of the higher positions, you aren’t making anything after taxes and day care and transportation costs. That’s why the day cares are going out of business. $650 per child is high.

* When can we send condolences for Dick Hudson?

* Why would Ryan White spend $70,000 to win a job that pays $8,000 a year? Think about it folks.

* Parents in Putnam County had better beware of the Common Core curriculum they are trying to start in the schools. It is not good.

* I was recently in Charleston and made a $1 purchase and the receipt said the amount was $1.07. Dollar Danny said he added a half-cent tax to pay for renovation of the Civic Center. Where does that extra half-cent go? They haven’t even determined when and what will be fixed at the Civic Center.

* The city of Charleston recently signed a paving contract for $1.3 million. Where is the other $4.7 million the city collects annually? There’s no explanation where the money is being spent, but it sure is being spent.

* The state of West Virginia has a million dollars to give one man for his gambling establishment. However, they don’t have money to give us bottled water to replace our continuing water pollution in our homes. Corruption seems to pay in this life, but there is a hereafter.

* Huntington’s Ritter Park is a wonderful park and a really nice place to take your family. But as far as the neighborhoods that used to be so nice, they look worse than Detroit.

* Whether the prosecutor meant to hurt his son or not, he should still be held accountable.

* The comments in Saturday’s Vent Line reveal what is wrong with so many so-called pro-lifers. “After they play they don’t want to pay” and “keep their pants on.” They seem more interested in punishing people for having sex than in saving a child. A child shouldn’t be seen as a punishment, but as a gift from God.

* Welcome to Wild, Wonderful West Virginia, and under that it should say, “Out of state drug dealers aren’t welcome. Keep traveling.”

* Unions got their start in this state because the people were so exploited. West Virginia’s people have always been exploited.

* You say the tea party has those who know little and those who know less. They are used to having things go their way without exception. They are unable to negotiate. If you ask me that sounds more like a liberal.

* I think it is a shame how the city of Dunbar has really gone to the dogs. I can’t believe they are taking taxpayer money to take care of Shawnee Park. We have our own Dunbar City Park. I wish the mayor would get a grip on himself and come to reality. Take care of our community before taking care of another.

* Get off of Mark Plants’ back and leave him alone. I was disciplined with a switch and so was my brother. It was what we deserved and needed.

* Bray Cary sounds awful. It is amazing that men act like that.

* I don’t believe that Joe Manchin was lied to. He was willing and ready to speak in that documentary. Now that people are speaking about it he wants you to believe otherwise.

* Kudos to the North Charleston branch of the W.Va. DOH under the leadership of Mike Welch for patching our potholes. They got to us quickly and we appreciate the good work they do.

* My sister-in-law said she overheard a couple conversing near a downtown hotel. The man asked the woman if she wanted to spend another night here. The woman replied that she read the Vent Line and the people here sound mean so she said let’s continue south. This is how we sound to others.

* Would somebody in the media please explain how Hillary Clinton and the State Department lost $6 billion? It doesn’t make sense. And people say she could be the president? No way.

* Every time I leave my home on Corridor G I see Vic Spouse standing on the road. Does he have a job?

* It is called the Vent Line for a reason. One doesn’t have to be astute or have a good nature to have a voice. This is America.

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