Six people arrested near West Side bar

COURTESY JERRY WATERS Charleston police arrested 16 people Thursday afternoon during a raid at the transit mall downtown. Officers have been hitting that area and others hard in an effort to crack down on nuisance behavior in public areas.

Six people arrested near West Side bar

Police arrested 22 people in two separate raids Thursday in Charleston, saying they want to send the message that nuisance behavior won’t be tolerated.

Officers found 15 to 20 people creating a disturbance on the sidewalk outside of Shaar’s Bar on Central Avenue when they arrived about 12:30 a.m. Police had received numerous complaints of “excessive noise” and “disturbance type issues” about the bar, Lt. Shawn Williams said in an email.

The city’s patrol division and Special Enforcement Unit responded.

Six people were arrested. They were identified as Jimmy Green, 59, charged with trespassing and public intoxication; Michael Gibson, 30, charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication; Bruno Yanish, 44, charged with obstruction and public intoxication; Kentyl Miller, 32, charged with disorderly conduct; Jashad Releford, 34, charged with disorderly conduct; and Tia Streater, 23, charged with disorderly conduct.

They were processed through Charleston Municipal Court and were being held at South Central Regional Jail Thursday afternoon.

City officers went to the bar at the end of March after receiving complaints from the residents of Jarrett Terrace about noise coming from the bar. Officers arrested seven people, some of whom had active warrants.

Officers have been making a push against nuisance behavior in the city for the last few weeks.

The push continued Thursday afternoon when officers arrested another 16 people at the downtown Transit Mall on varying charges.

The names and ages of those arrested in the later raid were not immediately available.

Police have made several trips to the transit mall in downtown Charleston in the last few weeks and have arrested more than 20 people on charges ranging from public intoxication to trespassing.

Williams has repeatedly said in interviews that the city and Charleston police would not tolerate nuisance behavior. Officers will be closely monitoring criminal activity in and around similar establishments, he said.

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