Readers’ Voice: April 12, 2014

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We haven’t heard anything from the rightists about ex-prez George W. Bush and former first lady Laura being at the NCAA final basketball game Monday night. Don’t they realize how much money it cost us taxpayers for them to attend that game?

There is never a reason to whip a child with a leather belt. A spanking on the behind is different from a whipping with a leather belt. This was abuse that Kanawha County Prosecuting Attorney Mark Plants did to his son, and he should be prosecuted as any other citizen who abuses a child.

Hey, Delegate Mark Hunt. You absolutely are not Don Quixote. Don Quixote had ideals. Maybe you’re more like Pavlov’s dog. Press the little button and get a treat. Press the little button and get a treat. It takes practice, but I think you’ve got the hang of it.

If the federal government can give healthy people 100 percent medical cards, food cards, government houses, SSI, that’s never worked one day and are healthy and able to do so, then surely to God they can give somebody trying to work a minimum-wage hike.

I haven’t ridden the city bus in 25 years because of the Charleston Transit Mall.

Way to go, Cincinnati Reds. One run in two games.

We need to vote in some young new blood in or political system. These career politicians have turned into career criminals. All they do is rip us off. And why is Don Blankenship not in jail?

Why doesn’t everyone lay off Mark Plants? He is just disciplining his children. I’m 70 years old and I got taken out behind the barn quite a few times to get a good thrashing and I grew up to be a good person.

Now that the Legislature has passed a law raising the minimum wage and the governor signed it, when are they going to pass a law to raise the fixed-income people’s money?

Most responsible people with insurance get preventative maintenance and go to the doctor visits. The ones that drag us down are the ones that go to the emergency room in a crisis and expect everyone to stop what they’re doing and save them.

Teachers and parents, May 14 is your opportunity to select three new people to the Kanawha Board of Education. It’s time for a change. Please vote for our children and our teachers.

How can we put a gun in the hands of a fine American and send him overseas and tell him to kill people but we won’t him protect himself on base in the United States?

Why certainly, we teachers need administrators to dictate every minute of school time. To heck with creative, exciting classroom experiences for our students that only we can provide for them.

The person who questioned whether President Obama was a coward or not equates bravery with stupidity. They will probably have to have someone assist them with understanding this.

I see where the Charleston Sanitary Board is requesting another rate increase in 2015 due to median increase in household income. Maybe they’ll give their employees a cost-of-living raise this year, considering they didn’t get the raise that Danny Jones promised last year.

Republicans don’t want women to have the right for abortions or take birth control. Yet they also don’t want to support and their unwanted children through programs like welfare and CHIP.

Democrats speak to you all the time. Republicans speak to you only in election years.

I see you don’t print any negative comments on Gov. Tomblin’s rejection of help for senior citizens. When he vetoed the help for in-home health care and leave people in nursing homes when they could live on their own is a travesty for seniors.

Anybody that would buy a brand-new car and then drive it on these roads that we have would have to be a little bit stupid.

Considering the fact that West Virginia’s people are among the poorest in the nation, nearly the poorest in the nation, our utilities rates should be the lowest. That’s the way things work. You don’t make any money if you can’t pay what you don’t have.

Folks, sometimes we make simple things too complicated. If you like the direction of the country and are happy with our status on the world stage, vote to keep these same people in our leadership. If you have been disappointed in them as I have, use your vote to change things.

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