Free home repairs available

The Southern Appalachian Labor School will offer free home repairs this summer to people in the Upper Kanawha Valley in Kanawha and Fayette counties.

SALS plans to bring in up to 400 teenagers and adults to help improve the homes of local residents, according to John David, director of the SALS program.

About 40 local residents will benefit from the work of these volunteers. The Upper Kanawha Valley Workcamp provides home repairs through Group Cares. Group Cares is a non-profit, interdenominational, faith-based volunteer home-repair organization based in Loveland, Colo.

This summer, about 25,000 young people and adults will participate in 48 programs across the United States and Canada. At each Workcamp, teenagers and adults will volunteer a week of their time to help repair homes throughout local communities.

Volunteers of the local Workcamp will be housed at DuPont Middle School in Rand. The campers will sleep on classroom floors, eat in the cafeteria and enjoy evening programs in the school’s gym.

This summer, they will make repairs to houses in Chesapeake, Marmet, Chelyan, Cedar Grove, Pratt, East Bank, Hansford, Handley, Montgomery, Paint Creek, Smithers, Boomer and other local areas.

Repair work will include: interior and exterior painting, weatherization, the construction of porches and wheelchair ramps, as well as other work.

Residents interested in applying to receive Workcamp assistance may call SALS at 304-465-9732 or write to SALS at: P.O. Box 127, Kincaid, W.Va. 25119. The group’s email address is

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