On file: April 13, 2014


The following people applied for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between April 4 and 11:

Mitchell Ray Townsend, 25, and Joan Elizabeth White, 20, both of Charleston.

Jacob Darryl Duchaine, 26 and Brittany Amber Brown, 24, both of Cross Lanes.

Asa Thair Arbogast, 28, of Elkview, and Emily Louise Mason, 28, of South Charleston.

Ronnie Lee Erwin, 56, and Donna Lou Craig, 51, both of St. Albans.

Arthur Allen Whitman, 78, and Delores Ann Lanham, 72, both of Charleston.

David Robert Payne, 29, of Poca and Sarah Michelle Long, 29, of Nitro.

Delane Keith Messer, 38, and Polly Ann Epperley, 39, both of Hernshaw.

Michael Branden Criner, 24, of Elkview and Lindsie Dion Nelson, 22, of Clendenin.

Donald Edward Snyder III, 34, and Danielle Nichole Conner, 34, both of Nitro.

James Wesley Robinson, 39, and Chasity Lynn Craig, 34, both of Charleston.

Joshua Jay Pettry, 31, of St. Albans and Kayla Elizabeth Tardy, 24, of Charleston.

Adedamola Olugbenga Oyedokun, 34, of St. Albans and Ronicia Dechele Laughlin, 35, of Dunbar.

Clayton Leo Proctor, 79, and Pamela Sue Bryant, 59, both of Hugheston.

Brandon Scott Lowe, 28, and Kristin Nicole Peal, 28, both of St. Albans.

Caleb Andrew Harmon, 21, and Julie Renee Taylor, 21, both of Charleston.

James Arnold Good Jr., 42, and Avlee Jane Collins, 33, both of Charleston.

Richard Burgess Miller, 64, and Darlene Harrington, 54, both of Cross Lanes.

Matthew Ryan Thomas, 31, and Delea Lynn Broughton, 30, both of Cross Lanes.

Ethan Arthur Hurley, 34, and Anastasia Dickinson Payne, 42, both of Charleston.

Xavier Teshaun Bradley, 20, and Imeesha Ashawni Miller, 18, both of St. Albans.

Brian Phillip Black, 51, of Montgomery and Susan Kay Wright, 39, of Nitro.

Mario Collevecchio, 53, and Mary Beth White, 40, both of St. Albans.

Alfred Lemonte Hill, 62, and Shelva Jeanne Dotson, 52, both of Charleston.

Zachary Lee Gardner, 24, of Nitro and Samantha Nichole Nehme, 22, of Cross Lanes.

Michael Wayne Pauley, 30, and Kimberly Dawn Stewart, 23, both of Alum Creek.

Joshua David Saul, 21, and Laura Marie Fortson, 23, both of Nitro.

David Roger Pence, 34, and Lisa Marie Starcher, 30, both of South Charleston.


The following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between April 3 and 10:

Cheryl Wyatt from Gregory Wyatt

Jeremy R. O’Ferrell McGhee from Amber R. Sawyers

Shelly Dillon from Billy Dillon

Veronica Churchill from Russell Churchill

Olivia C. Beck from Timothy J. Beck II

Amy Arthur Hennessey from John Russell Hennessey

Michael B. Witzke from Staci Beth Clay Witzke

Kimberly Adkins from James Adkins

Sherman Jolly from Brittany Jolly Demore

Amanda Pauley from David Pauley

Deborah Kay Kinison from Larry Wayne Kinison

William Brian Moore from Debora T. Moore

Michael A. Anania from Nittaya Anania

Linda Mae Burdette from Delmar V. Burdette Jr.

Anita M. Chambers from Roger A. Chambers II

Robert C. Hays from Paula K. Hays

Melinda Reed from Daniel Reed

Kevin White from Lisa G. Anderson

Deborah S. Davis from Ronald K. Davis

Ryan Lynch from Dewanna Johnson

Kayla Holcomb from Christopher Holcomb

Andrew T. Boothe from Michelle Boothe

Robert D. Mollohan from Dawn Y. Mollohan

Property transfers

The following properties of $50,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between April 4 and 11:

Conard L. Summerfield to Justin A. and Candace D. Jones. Lots, Big Sandy District, $107,000.

T. William Signorelli to Good Shepherd Child Development Center Inc. Lot, Charleston, $300,000.

Pamela Walker to Willard Lovejoy. Lot, Union District, $50,000.

Robert L. and Caroline W. Eggleton to Morganna L. Vigneron and Jason L. Lott. Lots, Kanawha County, $135,000.

Mona Lynne Hayford to Waheb Boukhemis. Lot, Loudon District, $196,000.

Joseph A. and Kendra D. Prine to Dustin E. and Kayla L. Runion. Lot, Hansford, $189,000.

Hope Slack, Matthew Hunter Slack, Christopher Burton Slack and Charles Slack to Jeremy Frame. Lot, St. Albans, $64,500.

Cecil C. and Neva R. Horne to Keith P. and Sarah Cole. Lot, St. Albans, $113,000.

Steven J. Johnston and Jodi L. Stickley to Buford David France. Lot, Nitro, $85,000.

Russell and Mary Hayes to Elizabeth M. Dobbs. Lot, Charleston, $226,000.

Paulette Bricker to Jonathan W. Crum. Lot, Jefferson District, $165,000.

Seneca Trustees Inc. to Wells Fargo Bank. Lot, Loudon District, $270,000.

Swarthmore Capital LLC to Samuel L. King III. Lot, Charleston, $452,500.

Golden and Amos PLLC to Fifth Third Mortgage Company. Lot, Jefferson District, $217,019.

R. Vance Golden III to Nationstar Mortgage LLC. Lot, Charleston, $139,145.35.

James L. and Karen S. Buckalew to Marc A. and Shayla M. Rigsby. Lots, Charleston, $219,500.

David W. Sr. and Pamala J. Jarrell to Grace M. and Anthony J. Falbo. Lot, Charleston, $500,000.

Geraldine Salyer to Abby J. Sobonya. Lot, Charleston, $110,500.

Marilyn S. and James F. Baur to A&M Properties and Investments LLC. Lot, Nitro, $90,000.

Simon Chi Hang Chan and Michelle Carr Lee to Walter A. and Cynthia A. Counts. Lot, Charleston, $147,000.

Leland W. Price III and April Price Sabo to Helen E. Montalvo. Lot, Union District, $120,000.

Christopher M. and Mackenzie Childers to Daniel C. and Ashley E. Jones. Lot, Union District, $174,900.

Robert T. Miller to David E. Kinney. Lots, Union District, $132,500.

A&M Properties and Investments LLC to Brandon L. and Patricia Whaples. Lot, Nitro, $104,900.

Christopher R. and Ashlee E. Walls to Stephen M. Gallero Jr. Lot, Union District, $97,500.

Jason E. and Angela R. Vance to Chad G. Raines. Lot, Dickinson, $129,000.

James R. Hendricks Jr. and Geraldine L. Taylor to David and Carolyn J. Diaz. Lot, Charleston, $75,000.

Jeffry E. Fanok to Gerald W. Reveal. Lot, Jefferson District, $163,376.50.

Christine C. Hunt to Smith & Smith Inc. Lot, Elk District, $50,000.

Sarala K. Sasidharan to Brian M. and Michelle Chapman Paterno. Lot, Charleston, $370,000.

Maureen Robinson to John Thomas Kiser and Stephanie R. Moore. Lot, Charleston, $105,000.

Margaret Gossard, Donald Conner and Sandra Beal to J. David and Esther L. Miller. Lot, Elk District, $196,735.

Margaret Gossard, Donald Conner, Sandra Beal to J. David and Esther L. Miller, Lots, Elk District, $58,765.

Sandra S. and Kennth Mariani to Matthew C. and Gina M. Carr. Lot, Charleston, $450,000.

Matthew Woody to Shelby Spradling. Lot, Charleston, $62,000.

Steven Knighton to Katie LeeAnn Hicklin. Condominium, Charleston, $247,000.

John R. Fowler and Mary Hylton Sanders to John F. Hussell IV. Lot, Charleston, $430,000.

Roger Payne to Brittany Nicole Smith. Lot, Jefferson District, $88,500.

Katie A. Kendall to Timothy J. and Marissa D. Shaffer. Lot, Elk District, $144,000.

William R. Frazier to Denver W. Smith. Lot, Nitro, $151,500.

FMC Corporation to Clendenin Place Realty LLC. Lot, South Charleston, $1,076,588.


The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette’s circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of nonexempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette’s circulation area. The following bankruptcies were filed between April 4 and 11:

Keith James and Shelly Celeste Scott, Foster, Chapter 7. Assets: $155,337, Liabilities: $105,424.

Donald Ray Adkins Jr., Logan, Chapter 7. Assets: $35,222, Liabilities: $93,444.

Goldie Sue Hall, Omar, Chapter 7. Assets: $48,235, Liabilities: $23,014.

David William Kimberling, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $31,001, Liabilities: $67,828.

Derek Lawson and Samantha Faye Stutler, Elkview, Chapter 7. Assets: $42,701, Liabilities: $103,502.

Joyce Lee Welch, Procious, Chapter 7. Assets: $200,436, Liabilities: $159,483.

Charley William Bennett, Craigsville, Chapter 7. Assets: $58,916, Liabilities: $94,536.

Kelee Lynn Miller, Brenton, Chapter 7. Assets: $59,357, Liabilities: $69,884.

Cheryl Dawn Milam, Pineville, Chapter 7. Assets: $57,306, Liabilities: $53,169.

John Robert Edwards, Brenton, Chapter 7. Assets: $66,400, Liabilities: $38,000.

Alva Lynn Reilley, Mullens, Chapter 7. Assets: $72,700, Liabilities: $74,120.

Jody Matthew Wills, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $74,742, Liabilities: $139,884.

Chandra Lynn and William Christopher LaCost, Daniels, Chapter 7. Assets: $444,267.00, Liabilities: $1,538,327.

Tillie Ella Moore, Charleston, Chapter 13. Assets: $17,224, Liabilities: $45,993.

Daniel Lee and Kimberly Dawn Stowers, Oak Hill, Chapter 13. Assets: $118,663, Liabilities: $104,609.

David Stewart and Katrina Twardy Lester, Gilbert, Chapter 13. Assets: $319,872, Liabilities: $279,304.

Luke Aaron and Lisa Marie Ford, Whitesville, Chapter 13. Assets: $350,600, Liabilities: $325,993.

Robert Neal Jr. and Gloria Marie Moore, Williamson, Chapter 13. Assets: $97,180, Liabilities: $53,687.

George Nolen Murray, Beckley, Chapter 7. Assets: $203,818, Liabilities: $236,164.

Restaurant scores

The Kanawha-Charleston Health Department issues non-critical and critical violations. Critical violations are given to incidences that relate directly to the protection of the public from food-borne illness. The incidences are not negotiable and must be corrected immediately. Repetitions of critical violations may lead to enforcement actions or permit suspension. The following restaurants were rated, and the number of critical violations issued are included:

McDonald’s, 3303 MacCorkle Ave.: 9 critical violations. Inspector’s comments: Eggs stored above other foods in prep cooler; Prepped salad in walk-in not date marked; toppings stored out of temp with no time marking system; sanitizer too weak in three-bowl sink; ice machine not clean to sight; dirty above fryers; dirty above coffee filter; McFlurry machine not clean to sight; chemicals in storage stored above and around gloves and linen. Upon re-inspection on April 4, the restaurant received no critical violations.

Mid-East Market Inc.: 180 Laidley St.: 8 critical violations, ordered closed. Inspector’s comments: The person in charge is unable to demonstrate knowledge of warewashing procedures; shell eggs stored on top shelf in walk in; cheese stored on top of raw bacon in walk in cooler; food prep counter not smooth and easily cleanable; dirty above coffee filter; Cappuccino machine nozzles dirty; vents not clean in food prep area; ice machine not clean to sight.

Asian Market, 226 7th Ave., South Charleston: 7 critical violations. Inspector’s comments: Drinking cup without cover was observed in food preparation area; jars of factory packaged food leaking, thrown away; crab claws stored at 53-degrees F, thrown away after bleach poured on; cut melon stored at 59-degrees F; food stored in Styrofoam container, cannot be easily cleanable; ice machine is visibly soiled. Upon re-inspection on April 4, the restaurant received 1 critical violation.

Tri-State Concessions, Inc./Crescent City, Mardi Gras Resort and Casino, Cross Lanes: 5

Gino’s Pizza of Malden, 3405 Kanawha Blvd.: 5

Par Mar Store, 2328 Kanawha Terrace, St. Albans: 5

T&L Vending LLC, State Capitol Food Court: 5

Gino’s Pizza, 10501 MacCorkle Ave., Marmet: 4

Witcher Creek Exxon, 2202 E. DuPont Ave., Belle: 4

Tidewater Grill, Charleston Town Center: 4

Kroger, Riverwalk Mall, South Charleston: 3

Wendy’s, 3515 MacCorkle Ave.: 3

7-Eleven, 5425 Midland Drive: 3

Tudor’s Biscuit World of Malden, 3405 Kanawha Blvd.: 3

Hands On Daycare, 2393 Sissonville Drive: 3

Little General Store, 4008 Malden Drive: 2

Dunbar Senior Center, 2601 Fairlawn Ave., Dunbar: 2

Crumbpecker’s, 107 W Main St., St. Albans: 2

Mimi’s-St. Albans, 1433 MacCorkle Ave., St. Albans: 2

Wendy’s, 313 6th Ave., St. Albans: 2

Little General, 7723 Sissonville Drive, Sissonville: 2

Donut Connection, 3509 MacCorkle Ave.: 2

Tri-State Concessions, Inc./Cafe New Orleans, Mardi Gras Resort and Casino, Cross Lanes: 2

Subway, 1413 Washington St. E.: 2

T&L Vending LLC, State Capitol.: 2

Little Creek Country Club/Kitchen, 99 Fairway Drive, South Charleston: 2

Sissonville High School, 6100 Sissonville Drive: 1

Bluegrass Kitchen, 1600 East Washington St.: 1

Elkview Dairy Queen, 921 Main St., Elkview: 1

Bob Burdette Center Inc., 1401 Washington St.: 1

Samaritan Inn, 1117 Quarrier St.: 1

Soho’s, 800 Smith St.: 1

7-Eleven, 6819 Sissonville Drive, Sissonville: 1

7-Eleven, 288 Oakwood Road: 1

Taste of Asia, 236 7th Ave.: 1

Sam’s Hot Dogs, 4012 Malden Drive: 1

Dollar General, 9106 MacCorkle Ave., Marmet: 1

Tudor’s Biscuit World, 10501 MacCorkle Ave., Marmet: 1

Betty Lou’s, 415 Central Ave., South Charleston: 1

Four Brothers, 78 Old Main Plaza, St. Albans: 1

7-Eleven, 5370 Big Tyler Road, Cross Lanes: 1

Wheelbarrows Country Cookin’, 5109 Big Tyler Road: 1

Sistah’s Rib Shack Mobile, 1717 7th Ave.: 1

Dunbar Middle School, 27th Street, Dunbar: 1

Dunbar Primary, 2401 Myers Ave., Dunbar: 1

Gun permits

The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department has issued concealed weapons permits for the following Kanawha County residents:

Damon Wyatt Abshire, Dunbar

John Andrew Allen, St. Albans

Christopher Mason Armstrong, South Charleston

Paula Lagail Ashworth, Sissonville

Ronald Eugene Ashworth, Sissonville

Arlington Burton Bailey, Charleston

Sidney Kay Baldwin, Hansford

Eric Ray Bess, Charleston

Margaret May Bock, Charleston

Orville James Browning Jr., St. Albans

Kelley Jean Buckalew, Charleston

Robert Ray Buckalew, Charleston

Jacqueline Sue Burdette, Elkview

William Michael Burdette, Elkview

William Edward Burgess, Charleston

Cody James Burkhart, Elkview

Kandice Nicole Campbell, Charleston

Violet Marie Canter, Shrewsbury

Giles Lee Carter, Charleston

Joe Evans Carter, Chesapeake

Darrell Curtis Casdorph II, Charleston

Aaron Ray Casto, Elkview

Carla Nicole Casto, Elkview

Annette Sue Casto, Sissonville

Michael Eugene Childers, Charleston

Tammy Marie Clark, Clendenin

Richard Commadore Coleman II, Tornado

Tammy Lynn Conley, Charleston

Jason Lyle Cooper, Eskdale

Travis Jeremy Criner, South Charleston

John S. Dalporto, Charleston

Angela Renee Dean, Cross Lanes

Janie Garris Dearien, Charleston

Michael Eugene Dearien, Charleston

Christopher Mickel Doub, St. Albans

Jordan Wayne Edens, Elkview

Denise Maureen Facemyre, Belle

Barbara Jo Fisher, Charleston

George Allen Gates, Gallagher

Irene Gates, Gallagher

Clarence Junior Gates, Gallagher

Kevin Lee Given, South Charleston

Mary Allene Given, South Charleston

Barry Quentin Glover, Clendenin

Michael Allen Greathouse, Nitro

Douglas Eugene Green, South Charleston

Gary Arthur Gunno, St. Albans

George Michael Hall, South Charleston

John Michael Harbert, Cross Lanes

Lauren Nicole Hatfield, Charleston

Roshele Lynette Hines, Charleston

Ashley Nicole Hodges, Dry Branch

Keith Edward Hughes, Hernshaw

Jamey Wilson Hunt, Cross Lanes

Rebecca June Igo, Elkview

James Eric Jarrett, Charleston

Kimberly Ann Jarrett, Charleston

Joyce Iona Johnson, Glasgow

Jody Dayton Jones, Charleston

James Richard Kennedy II, Elkview

Krystle Lynn Kirk, Dawes

Michael Paul Kirk, Dawes

Shannon Dee Lane, Elkview

Conrad Rennick Larrabee Jr., Charleston

Roy Elvin Layton, Charleston

Todd Alan Levitan, Charleston

William Robert Lively, Elkview

Valencia Mechelle Long, Charleston

Richard Alexander Maddox, Charleston

Marion Lynn Marion, Charleston

Donald Lee Marshall, Malden

Patricia Ann Martin, Nitro

Daniel Jackson Massey, Charleston

Johnny Ray McComas, Elkview

Randy Lynn McMillion, Elkview

Mary Ellen Mechling, Gallagher

Adam Wesley Milam, Charleston

James William Miles, Charleston

Juanita Lee Mitchell, South Charleston

Jonathan Lee Mobley, Cross Lanes

Sarah Melissa Mobley, Cross Lanes

Anthony Allen Moles, Elkview

Roger Dale Monk, Sissonville

Yvonne Louise Monnot, Pond Gap

Charles Adam Moore, Belle

Wyndell Craig Morton, St. Albans

Brandy Dawn Mullins, Clendenin

Larry David Mullins Sr., Clendenin

Joel Andrew Mullins, Cross Lanes

Mark Alan Naylor, Tornado

Cody Sean Nelson, St. Albans

Kimberly Dale Olsen, Charleston

Jonathan L. Pack, Elkview

Cornelia Maurice Palmer, Charleston

Jeremy DeWayne Parcell, Alum Creek

Roy Lee Pauley, Cabin Creek

Eugene Payne Jr., Charleston

Gregory Scott Petit, Charleston

Allan Alexander Preiser, Charleston

Shawn Michael Price, Dunbar

Nathan Lloyd Ramsey, Cabin Creek

Charles Worrell Rhodes II, Charleston

Randall Kerry Robertson, Elkview

Jason Paul Robinson, Charleston

Robert Daniel Rucker, Charleston

Cheryl Cynthia Sams, Clendenin

Michael Lee Sergent, Elkview

Nancy Lynn Shafer, South Charleston

Krystan Brooke Silva, Charleston

Chad Edward Silva, Charleston

Matthew Lee Smith, Belle

Rebecca Lynn Smith, Belle

Michael Patrick Smith, Charleston

Sandra Lee Snodgrass, Marmet

John Edward Snowden, South Charleston

Robert Michael Starcher, Glasgow

Courtney Laree Stricker, Charleston

Hubert Hansford Strickland, Elkview

Robert Ray Thaxton, South Charleston

Cheryl Denise Thomas, St. Albans

Mary Elaine Thomas, Charleston

Lewis Malcolm Totten, Belle

John Paul Tucker, Dunbar

Ray Junior Vaughan, Charleston

Mark Allen Walker, Charleston

Jeffrey Wayne Walkup, St. Albans

Lisa Michelle Wallace, Cross Lanes

James Eugene Walters, Cross Lanes

Chad Joseph Weems, Charleston

Gary Eugene Wileman, St. Albans

Randy James Wills, Sissonville

Allen Jason Witt, Charleston

Alvie James Witt Jr., Charleston

Olivia Nicole Witt, Charleston

Clayton L. Young Jr., Cedar Grove

James Allen Young, South Charleston

John Edward Zegeer, Charleston

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