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WV Design Team: Build a room’s décor layer upon layer

By By Elizabeth Yeager Cross
WV Design Team
This mid-century modern charcoal sectional appears cold and drab because of the low back and straight lines. The chevron flat weave adds a vibrant color pop and sets the stage for accents.
Adding throw pillows with varying patterns create visual interest and a mix of textures.
With the repetition of yellow in the poppy floral art, pillows and rug, the look is complete.
An end table with a lamp and books finishes the space and creates a cozy ambiance for evening.
Photo courtesy of YEAGER DESIGN & INTERIORS A large abstract painting above the fireplace contrasts
A layering of purple pillows and an ombre throw create warmth, while the pops of color are achieved in the fresh spray of forsythia and tulips.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Have you ever noticed that “some rooms” in “some people’s” houses look so warm and cozy and inviting?

Do you ever wonder how they seem to effortlessly put together a living space that just screams perfection, and somehow your living spaces fall flat and cold?

We at Yeager Design & Interiors want to help you transform your space from cold to cozy with a simple process we like to call “layering.”

Think of it this way: In the winter, when it’s cold outside and you want to make sure that you are prepared to keep your body warm, you layer your clothing.

Eureka! The same principles apply to your living spaces, as well. Except in this case, we layer in all seasons with many different applications to bring you to your ultimate design perfection.

For example, a typical living room has a sofa, two to three chairs, and possibly two to three occasional tables. Oftentimes, people start with very neutral furniture and then find themselves, as Carleton Varney, of Dorothy Draper & Co., once eloquently put it, “swimming in a bowl of oatmeal.”

To break the monotony of this colorless drag, we encourage you to find your color in all layers of accessories.

Here we are on the cusp of spring and summer. It’s time to break out your colorful layers of greens and yellows and vibrant pops of magentas, hues of violet and brilliant blues.

As shown in this example living room, this basic charcoal sectional is a neutral palette to begin your layering.

A bright pop of yellow in this flat-weave geometric rug sets the tone for a bright and cheerful space. Flat weaves are an extraordinary selection for an inexpensive and versatile rug due to their ability to be reversible and offer various colors and design patterns.

To further brighten the dark charcoal sectional, the same yellow can be repeated through your throw pillows.

Mixing and matching patterns and prints is a fantastic way to create interest in your space. Even when you choose a chevron pattern in your rug, you can create a variety of visual interest like by adding a Moroccan patterned pillow to mix it up.

Additionally, a bit of sparkle can also be a fun way to liven up the sofa, as shown with the smaller sequin and crystal pillow.

Using a throw over the back or side of your sofa can be a casual way to cozy up your seating area. Even with a straight-line sofa with metallic nail heads, the silver-threaded throw adds a touch of warmth and softness that feels inviting and relaxing.

When layering with accessories, there are many elements to bring to the table.

An eye-catching lamp adds a unique texture in the cork shade against a classic mercury glass base.

Fresh flowers in vases of varying sizes always add a touch of fresh fragrance and a sense of home as well.

Personal touches such as family photos, treasured books or keepsakes from places traveled are a key way to make your space unique to you and your family.

When traversing from day to evening, candlelight can create an ambiance that not only relaxes but brings an intimate coziness to your space.

A new trend in candlelight is a battery-powered candle that exudes a soft glow but also flickers with a realistic looking “flame” which removes the worry of fire and the mess of spilled wax.

Finally, beautiful art, family portraits or decorative mirrors to adorn your walls can complete your new look.

Depending on style, traditional mirrors to transitional floral prints will add splashes of color and dimension. Family portraits, vacation prints and candid snapshots are a beautiful way to create a one-of-a-kind gallery of your loved ones.

This spring, create your very own eye-catching room in your home that offers style and personality with these simple techniques that will completely transform your space.

Elizabeth Yeager Cross is the owner of Yeager Design & Interiors in Scott Depot. You can follow YDI on Facebook. She can be reached at 304-760-8914 or by email at

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