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Pets of the Week: Drama queens enjoy the attention

By By Maria Young
Staff writer
Beauregard Wilkes. Photo courtesy of KAREN FREEDMAN.
Maddie. Photo courtesy of TEKE NICKERSON and SANDY MUNDY.
Buster. Photo courtesy of BRIDGET MAHAN.
Molly. Photo courtesy of SANDRA LOCKARD.
Samantha. Photo courtesy of ELLIE and MARK SCHAUL.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Like kids, pets can all have their moments of drama — some more often than others.

This week’s Pets of the Week all seem to enjoy having their 15 moments of fame — again, and again, and over again.

Bridget Mahan, of Mason, freely admits her miniature dachshund is spoiled. Buster, seen here sleeping, “can never leave mommy’s side — or back,” she says.

Samantha is a “West Virginia black dog” who came to live with Ellie and Mark Schaul two years ago from the Jackson County Animal Shelter. Her companions say Samantha is extremely curious and enjoys supervising Mountaineer Gas as they replace old gas lines.

Beauregard Wilkes is a 3-year-old black and white tuxedo cat who lives with Karen Freedman, of Charleston. Beauregard, says Karen, is “intense about giving kisses and getting kissed.”

This is Madison Leigh, or Maddie, is an 11-year-old Yorkshire terrier who weighs a whopping 5 pounds and lives with Teke Nickerson and Sandy Mundy, of Hurricane. Maddie is shown pretending, without success, to be the Easter Bunny at Halloween — much to the delight of trick-or-treaters and their escorts. Her family says she tolerated the suit because it kept her warm, but she was not happy.

Molly is just 15 months old and a Shih-Tzu who lives in Montgomery with Sandra Lockard. “Molly loves people and she loves to play, she loves it when she has a good hair day,” says Sandra.

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