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Readers’ Voice: April 14, 2014

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President Obama and the Democrats “say” they want women to be paid more. If that is their real objective why don’t they start in the White House where women earn 88 cents for every dollar a man earns. Are the women being discriminated against or do they have less responsible jobs?

A caller asked about President Obama, “He’s a coward, isn’t he?” He may or may not be a coward, we don’t know, but we do know that George W. Bush was a coward by his action of deserting his unit during the Vietnam War. And, although hard to believe, there are people who voted for him twice.

West Virginia has a Democrat governor and a Democrat legislature. They appointed the DEP head and oversee all of state government. Still you blame the water crisis on the fact that the state voted Republican for president rather than vote for President Obama. Stupid editorial. West Virginia is controlled by Democrats and they are responsible for the lack of oversight and actions of the DEP.

I enjoy the Gazette-Mail’s Smell The Coffee column, but missed it recently. Karin Fuller always adds something to my Sunday morning. It is often humorous, quirky and thought-provoking, but sometimes so touching that I clip a copy to send to a relative. Keep up the good work.

Would you please ask the SSAC, the administrators and athletic directors who are in favor of all summer practices if they would support all the coaches involved being paid for the entire summer? As it is now, many coaches, if not all, are “volunteering” their time for three weeks in the summer. Maybe paying for it will change their minds. And do parents honestly want their high school students spending all summer practicing?

Is there any number we can call to report dangerous and unlawful truck drivers? I’ve tried PSC, Motor Vehicles, but got no reply.

I am very leery of anyone running for office that refers to religion as being their guiding force to get into politics. Sort of like a person that tells you over and over how honest they are. Both types are covering something up big-time.

Now that we have some good progressive Democrats running for office we need to support them and not be fooled by the energy baron lawyers now supposedly holding office. Our state is falling behind following the Republican agenda set forth by Reagan and the Bushes.

With driving on every major highway in Mason County like navigating a minefield and not so much as the first pothole patched, it is absolutely inexplicable that a contractor from Ohio has been brought in to replace extensive sections of seemingly good guardrail on secondary roads.

For months, street lights have been dark in Kanawha City on busy MacCorkle Avenue, from 35th to 54th. If the power company won’t fix them, will they at least tell us if there’s a plan to light MacCorkle in the 21st century in this capital city. It’s tough enough dodging potholes in the daytime.

On March 27, the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals rendered a decision that says the state cannot be sued for damages when an employee of the Regional Jail Authority commits rape against an inmate. This decision is outrageous, and must be overturned. Regardless of the offense, a prisoner should have an absolute right to expect that he or she is safe from rape.

Has any state or country ever banned guns, or even restricted gun ownership, by direct popular vote?

So 2nd District congressional candidates Ken Reed and Steve Harrison would let themselves be interviewed by the Daily Mail but not the Gazette? They sound like a couple of petulant children to me, and definitely not the sorts of candidates I would consider voting for.

A hallmark of liberals was willingness to listen to all sides. But, on banning guns, liberals are as narrow minded as tea partiers are on economics and social issues.

The Gazette bemoans West Virginia becoming a “red state,” but your anti-Second Amendment editorials probably help the Koch brothers toss Democrats out.

Putnam County Sheriff’s Department doing any type of investigation? If Will Jordan wants to have a affair thats his business, but when he chooses to have the affair while he is supposed to be working, it becomes my business when my tax dollars are being used to pay him.

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