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Your vents, Tuesday, April 15

* Whatever happened to jeans with 7 belt loops? Now they only have 5 loops and are hard to keep up. They don’t fit right. Also, the watch pockets aren’t made well. Sloppy work.

* Concerning the Mark Plants episode, I wouldn’t beat a child with a belt but Proverbs 23 says to not withhold correction from a child. If you beat him from a rod he should not die but deliver his soul from hell. Much ado about a little thing.

* In the time that “pothole Tomblin” started patching our roads I’ve never seen them in such a deplorable condition. You don’t see this kind of malfeasance in Virginia.

* Oh Dolly Withrow, I just read that you are retiring. I will miss you so much.

* I’d like to urge people to get some of those career politicians out of office. We need to get rid of some of those good old boys. We need to get some new blood in there to look out for the people and not self-serving only. Let’s turn this thing around.

* Mark Plants says he is within his rights to discipline his son. Yeah, that’s right, but discipline is hitting a kid on the behind with an open hand.

* In The assessor’s office came to my house in Dunbar again. I guess they are going to raise my taxes again. I guess before long there won’t be anyone left to pay taxes. The only ones left will make over $100,000 a year so who is going to pay the taxes then?

* You know I’m no fan of Don Blankenship but he still has his rights to speak his opinion. My question is, if he is making such outrageous claims why is no reporter from the Daily Mail examining those claims? They can be proven or disproven. Where are the reporters to look into this thing?

* I want to thank Obama and his Democrat cronies who rammed the Affordable Care Act down our throats. Thanks to them I will never vote Democratic again.

* These downtown parking meters are just as sorry as Danny Jones is. My $400 watch said I had five minutes left and I turned the corner and saw the meter Nazi writing out a ticket for me. The meter had expired? That is mighty funny. I say get rid of Dollar Danny and then maybe more of us will come downtown. I don’t know what the Sam heck I came down here for today anyway.

* They threw me out of the hospital. One doctor put me in, and another took me out.

* Daily Mail, please leave enough papers at Par Mar in Ravenswood so that we can buy them. We can’t buy them if you don’t bring them. Also at McDonald’s.

* I thought astute and good-natured implied intelligence. Or have you declared a war on that too?

* Putnam County needs more locations for recycling water bottles.

* The street lights on MacCorkle Avenue in Kanawha City have been burned out for over three years so why can’t they fix them? It is darker than a dungeon up here.

* Shame on them old Republicans for trying to stop my great-grandfather from voting anymore. He’s only been dead a hundred years!

* Thank God for the animal control officer in Fayette County who put the life of a child above the life of an animal. Why don’t people keep their dogs at home and in their own yard instead of letting them run loose to harm people?

* Eric Holder claims that no US Attorney General has ever been treated this way before. I have news for him. No attorney general has ever treated the American people this way before. He is a disgrace to the office and should be impeached and this has nothing to do with skin color.

* Tiger should not be in commercials for the Masters. He is finished.

* Stop adding church ads in the Saturday paper before you shove Alice Faye Bragg clear off the paper. She wasn’t given much room last week. Stop adding church ads.

* The liberals and the socialists want to level the playing fields so that the slothful can prosper as well as the diligent. Is this now the American way?

* I just received my Frontier phone books. The print is entirely too small. Any company that could a readable phone book with larger print would be greatly appreciated.

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