Your vents for April 14, 2014

n I wonder how much U.S. taxpayer money has been wasted looking for that airplane. The U.S. shouldn’t even be involved in looking for it. Let China and the rest of the countries look for it. We didn’t have to stick our nose in it.

n What a tasteless cartoon on your editorial page on Wednesday — to celebrate the fact that a person who has tried to bring peace to an area has failed. Why am I not surprised?

n After looking at the Frontier telephone books I think they should offer us free directory assistance. There is no way you can see these small names.

n Bravo and thank you to the Boy Scouts and their wonderful leaders for planting chestnut trees and bringing them back to West Virginia. This is truly a good deed for people and for our planet. Thank you so much.

n There should have to be some kind of government law that these women who abuse and neglect their children have their tubes tied.

n Yes, for the people traveling through the town of Winfield, beware. It is a speed trap with zero tolerance for anything, even crossing the yellow line. Beware.

n In the past two years before the water episode my water bill was $23.05. That was the whole charge. Since the water episode they have put a $23.10 service charge on. And now it went up from $38.00 to $57.00 based on the service charge and not the water usage.

n Please remember that lawn debris for pickup must be in bags in alleys in Kanawha City in the spring time, not blown to the front street.

n Only in West Virginia do they pass a law and then not enforce it. Couple of days back I was run off of the road by people talking on cellphones. What did they make this law in WV for?

n Concerning the current investigation of the Bhengazi attack, which resulted in the death of four Americans, I wonder why the House of Representatives didn’t investigate the attacks of 9/11, which resulted in the deaths of more than 3,000 Americans.

n Why does disliking Obama make me a redneck? Reverse racism is thriving in the US, and our state is the poster child.

n To the man whose wife is a German citizen and an alien, what planet is she from? How accepting of her was Germany?

n This past Wednesday we were at the Huntington Mall and noticed at least five Putnam County school buses parked there. With all the no-school days this past winter, why were these kids not in school? Instead of being in school, they were running and screaming through the mall. This makes no sense.

n I certainly don’t agree with Prosecutor Plants’ statement, “If we had more parents who raised their children in a respectable manner, we would likely have less criminals.” Beating a child with a belt until he is bruised is abuse!

n I don’t hear a “ban all knives” cry after the recent events at the high school in Pennsylvania. What hypocrisy.

n Why doesn’t Gov. Tomblin put up the boxing gloves with the mayor of Charleston and pick up a shovel and fix the pot holes in Kanawha City. Why should the citizens in the city suffer over their feud?

n I bet the person who said that Hillary Clinton and the State Department had lost $2 billion didn’t say a word when the Bush administration shipped more than 360 metric tons of $100 dollar bills (worth over $12 billion) to Iraq during the war. It still hasn’t been found. I would wager Kellogg-Brown-Root got most of it.

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