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Your vents, Wednesday, April 16

n The venter who called in about the deplorable condition of Rt. 119 between Big Chimney and Elkview was right. It is the worst stretch of highway I’ve ever driven on. The many potholes tear your car all to pieces and the sad part is the DOH is only one fourth mile away. Shame, shame. What are they doing?

n Doctors are robbing Medicare. It used to be you came in once a year for a checkup. Then they changed it to every six months and now they want you every three months.

n Nitro has got to be in the Who’s Who for the dirtiest town in the state. There are all of the peddlers down at the Moose Club and junk dealers on Main Street. There are signs on the telephone poles. They need to do their jobs at city hall and clean it up. Do something please.

n Everybody doesn’t want to lay off of Mark Plants for the simple reason that what he is being prosecuted for is exactly what he would prosecute you for if he caught you spanking your children. But yet if he does it it’s all right. He’ll get by with it because Kanawha County does not prosecute its elected officials.

n Holgerson can get all of the bonuses he wants from Mr. Luck up there at WVU but maybe he will get one whenever Alabama beats them 100 to nothing during the first game of the season next year. Hopefully Sabin will have mercy on them and only make it about 75 to nothing. Wouldn’t that be a shame, a hundred points?

n The conservatives and the fascists want to keep the rich in power and just have the average citizen fight their wars. Is this now the American way?

n I would suggest to the DOH, instead of wasting all the paint on striping this year that they just fill the potholes with it.

n Why is it that the county prosecutor can be arrested for domestic battery and still have contact with the kid he’s accused of beating? Double standards, that’s how.

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